Younger Looking Skin: Natural Home Remedies for Wrinkles

By | October 26, 2013

wrinklecream1If you have laugh lines that remind you of the good old days, then chances are you have a few laugh lines that also remind you of some not-so-good-times. If you want to get rid of some of those frown lines, you can try the following effective home remedies mention here.

Aging is just another part of life and along with age comes a little bit of wisdom and some smile lines and frown lines. Wrinkles are more than just lines on your face, they are the representatives of all the happy times and the sad times in your life, having too many too soon however can significantly make you look much older than you really are. Have a look below at some home remedies you can try in order to smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles you might have as well as prevent any new ones from forming.

For Eyes

For your eyes, you want to cut a potato in two thin slices and apply it directly underneath your eyes. Potatoes contain glycolic acid and some vitamin A, both ingredients work to keep dark circles and wrinkles at bay. Do this twice a day regularly to minimize the dark circles underneath your eyes and soften any crows feet you have.


Wrinkles around the forehead are very commonplace, after all, many of us show our emotions by frowning or laughing and this in turn causes our foreheads muscles to work overtime throughout the day. Smiling, laughing, frowning are all parts of life and in order to reduce the fine lines on your forehead, you can apply a mixture of yogurt and honey every night since yogurt contains lactic acid and honey is an excellent emollient and these two work hand in hand to smooth out fine lines and soften the appearance of wrinkles.

Around your Mouth

These are the hardest to get rid of and in order to soften the appearance of any wrinkles you have around your mouth, you can apply some Aloe vera regularly around this area. The best way to minimize the wrinkles around the mouth are is to keep your skin well moisturized at all times.

If you want to minimize your wrinkles, honey is a very potent herbal remedy. Keep in mind that you wrinkles can not be avoided forever but can only be delayed. The best care that you can give to your skin is to eat healthy, get enough sleep, don’t smoke and avoid stress.

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