Why HGH Deficiency is Dangerous and How You Can Combat It?

By | June 30, 2017

What is HGH and why it is important for health?….HGH or to give it it’s full name “Human Growth Hormone” is a hormone that is naturally produced within the human body and secreted by the pituitary gland. Human growth hormone is strategically important to the human body as it regulates metabolism, orchestrates cell regeneration & stimulates growth.

When HGH is released at normal levels it maintains the body within a delicate balance, helping to sustain overall health. But when an inadequate level of HGH is released the results can create a number of different side effects. When this occurs, a doctor may well suggest human growth hormone supplements to return the human body back into it’s correct balance. But, as with any medication, there are intrinsic dangers associated with their use.

If reduced human growth hormone levels appear in childhood or adolescence the likely result is stunted growth, and when production levels naturally diminish in adulthood and later life it can result in fatigue, depression, lowered metabolism creating higher body fat levels and an overall lack of energy.

When this occurs, human growth hormone supplements are likely to be required. Whilst there are dangers associated with the use of human growth hormone supplements, medical professionals overall agree that the use of HGH supplements is worth the gamble due to the health risks witnessed when inadequate hormone levels are present.

In some situations, people select to use HGH supplements in order to slow down the signs of aging. While there is truth in the fact that the secretion of human growth hormones may help to some degree, merely adding HGH supplements tends to do little for maintaining a sense of youthfullness.

Current HGH supplements are synthetically made and a cloud of controversy swirls around their use. Dangers associated with human growth hormone supplements include excess fluid retention, high blood pressure, diabetes, painful joints, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The dangers are perceived so great that the AACE(American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists) has warned against the use of HGH supplements as an anti-aging treatment.

Human growth hormone supplements have also become very interesting in their use for both athletes and body builders. Because the nature of human growth hormone is that it increases body muscle mass, athletes and bodybuilders take HGH supplements to achieve overtly muscular body form which in turn enhances their sporting performances. The main dangers with this use is that it can lead to a range of side health issues from the swelling of breast tissue to heart failure!.

Despite the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) approving the widespread use of human growth hormone supplements for pituitary gland-related deficiencies, it stands firm on the unsupervised use of the hormone for anti-aging and athletic reasons with researchers all agreeing that the human growth hormone dangers to be too high a price to pay.

With the sedentary lifestyles we all tend to adopt nowadays, with limited exercise and forgetting about a healthy diet, chances are we will reach the stage whereby our bodies no longer produce sufficient human growth hormone to sustain us in a good healthy condition. When this happens, as we age it’s really important that we sustain optimum health which is one of the main reasons to buy HGH supplementation where required.