The History of Medical Marijuana

By | November 17, 2016

1cannabissativaThe History of Medical Marijuana….Medical marijuana can be used to help treat a wide variety of prevailing health conditions.

The real name for marijuana is Cannabis, it inherited the name marijuana during the 1930’s when it is believed to have been renamed by a group of business men who wanted it to sound more “exotic”.

So when either testifying before Congress, or writing expansive newspaper articles, nobody would realise that they were in actual fact talking about cannabis, which was already extensively used in medicine during that period, and was the name that most people were accustomed to.



But why would they want to change the name?.  The answer to which is quite simple. Competing markets….after all hemp was used widely during that period and on it’s way to being a billion dollar crop!.

Stories using the name “marijuana” that most people had never heard of were made up and sensationalised, simply to make marijuana sound exotic, upmarket and foreign.  Newspapers of the era used the exotic sounding name marijuana to gain an upper hand in their competing markets.  Those markets wanted to drive down their natural competitor called cannabis because they were not able to patent the name. They actually did a very good job of it until recently….

Millions of people all around the World have now come to realise that mother nature made a highly effective and safer drug for multiple health conditions, and it’s correct name is cannabis.   When the chief of the AMA (American Medical Association) heard testimony he was prompted to ask why it was being called “marijuana” rather than cannabis, which is it’s correct name.  Many people were already familiar with cannabis, since for generations it had been used in a wide spectrum of medicines.  The AMA was staunchly against the banning of cannabis as an alternative medicine aka marijuana.

Moving forwards some 80+ years, and it is now firmly recognised, that there are many illnesses and conditions that benefit from the prescription use of marijuana / cannabis as medicinal relief, which is achieved without the toxicity & potential dangerous side effects quite often found in other medicines, and the effectiveness of cannabis / marijuana as a medicine goes considerably further than what is commonly thought.

Many medical marijuana users confirm that their use of medical marijuana is typically far more effective for their medical condition, than standard prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. Many patients who have become addicted to pharmaceuticals have actually found that marijuana / cannabis is a great alternative without the dangerous side effects and toxicity found within traditional drugs.

In the United States every medical marijuana patient is required to present a Doctors recommendation to their local Department of Health in order to receive a medical marijuana card within states with a medical marijuana card program.  In other states formally registering for the medical marijuana card is not required.

In all US medical marijuana states, you have to have a Doctor’s certification, as an example in California the patient only needs to keep their medical marijuana doctor recommendation on them as proof that they are permitted to possess and use cannabis / marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Throughout the course of this article the term cannabis & marijuana are used regularly and randomly…. they are the same thing.   For strictly medicinal purposes, marijuana alias cannabis, derives from two basic types of plants Indica and Sativa.  These different types are the result of extensive cross breeding, otherwise known as “varietal strains”.  This extensive cross breeding has resulted in many hundreds of combinations of differing strains, from many different regions of the World including dutch pot seeds.

The results obtained from Sativa Marijuana strains use typically are more alertness, happiness, thought provoking, better focus, and a more energetic effect. Indica marijuana strains usage generally show a more sedate, sleepy effect, sometimes referred to as “couch lock”.  Most modern medicinal marijuana strains are actually a balanced combination of both sativa, and some indica attributes.

The balance of the likely effects between differing strains, and there are literally hundreds also varies from strain to strain. There is also a considerable difference within the effects from patient to patient as well.  A particular strain that could have a mildly calming nature for a seizure patient, may actually be an excellent sleep enhancer for another user.

There is no exact science in selecting the correct strain that best fits a specific patient.  In the same way as picking a certain pharmaceutical drug cannot also be an exact science, with several variables often being tried.

However, in your quest to find the most effective strain for your personal medical condition, you can feel completely assured that marijuana / cannabis is incredibly safe, and that nobody has ever died as a result of it’s use.

To ensure that you find a strain of marijuana that is as effective as you’d expect, by talking to a knowledgeable cannabis / marijuana seeds grower should help you to find the best strains that have been reported by patients with similar conditions to be the most effective.  As a new medical marijuana patient, it is imperative that you realise that marijuana is non-toxic, with the most widely recognised side effects being a happy cheerful mood uplifting enhancer, greater appetite, and sometimes an increased level of drowsiness.

In fact it is these specific medical marijuana side effects that very often provide excellent results for various health conditions, and is regularly used in conjunction with other treatments.  For example as an appetite inducer for patients receiving chemotherapy treatment.  Further scientific studies however have found that the potential benefits of medicinal marijuana actually goes far beyond it’s obvious benefits.

Cannabis / Marijuana use has surprisingly been found to not cause lung cancer, in actual fact it has been discovered to create a protective effect for heavy smokers, who also enjoy smoking tobacco.  It has also been reported that marijuana has actually been found to kill cancer cells!.  It’s use is also recognised to be as an effective pain reliever.  Additionally, marijuana has been found to be an formidable anti-seizure medicine.  The real potential of marijuana / cannabis goes well beyond merely helping a patient sleep better, improve nutrition, and formulate an uplifted mood.

One of the negative side effect of marijuana is paranoia.  Regular users however believe the paranoia is associated with the illegality status of marijuana.  In some US states where legal adult medical marijuana use is allowed, with those who experienced paranoia feelings in the past found that the feeling was by and large not relieved after the marijuana laws changed.  It is widely reported that marijuana use for patients who have mental health issues becomes a far greater risk in increasing their mental health problems with the use of marijuana.

Amazingly, within marijuana there is a compound called Cannabidiol also known as CBD, this has been discovered to counteract the THC in marijuana.  A small study carried out in Germany found that CBD was equally effective for the treatment of schizophrenics as typical pharmaceuticals, BUT without the side effects.  In fact the higher the CBD ratio to THC within medical marijuana actually reduces the high effects.  In other words CBD counterbalances THC.  Both THC and CBD have been extensively found to contain medical benefits.

There are many more compounds found in marijuana, each has been discovered to contain some additional medical benefit.  The latest thinking though is that the interactions between all these compounds working together is the most beneficial to the end user, and that rather than trying to extract an individual compound and synthesize it to be used independently instead focusing on the main compounds and making the choice of strain based upon the disease being treated with the level of CBD, and THC as a very good place to start.