The Herbal Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana

By | May 4, 2014

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The Herbal Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana….marijuana is a plant which is one of the most widely condemned in the UK, not to mention across the world, because of the reputation it has gained through illegal use. While its reputation is improving and the market’s evolving, there currently are no countries within Europe which have fully legalised marijuana.

Countries with progressive policies such as the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain, do allow the medicinal use of marijuana as well as (limited) cultivation of cannabis seeds for personal use. It’s fair to say that those who abuse the substance have given it a bad name over time and this has made it a bit of a taboo when being considered as a herbal remedy.

There are a number of health benefits to using marijuana in the correct way; as an alternative treatment to a range of ailments and illnesses. And, despite its reputation for being a cause of psychological problems such as paranoia, even after various scientific tests there has been no evidence produced to suggest that it results in any issues. In fact, there have been studies carried out recently that it can be an effective treatment for things like schizophrenia. There are a number of illnesses which medical marijuana can be used as an alternative method of treatment, or to help reduce the symptoms of certain illness.


Seizures can occur to people for a number of reasons, with one of the most common disorders being epilepsy. Marijuana has been shown to reduce the risk of these seizures occurring due to it being an effective relaxant for the body. This allows sufferers to function better in their day to day lives.


For similar reasons, herbal cannabis has also been shown to reduce the symptoms displayed by Tourettes sufferers. This illness can vary from the odd facial tic or grunting, to loud shouting and swearing with little control over their actions. Whilst marijuana cannot cure a sufferer, in some cases it can reduce the symptoms for a number of hours to a more controllable level.


Whilst it would be a massive claim to say that marijuana can prevent cancer, there have been studies in animals which suggest that it may be able to stunt tumour growth, and even kill certain cancer cells. This is because Cannabinoids – the main active components in marijuana – are able to activate the body’s natural receptors which can fight the illness.

Multiple Sclerosis

MS is an illness where suffers have involuntary, and sometimes very painful muscle spasms. Medical marijuana has been shown to not only reduce these symptoms, but to ease the pain of those who do suffer from the illness, especially in the arms and legs following months and years of the sudden, often violent bodily movements.


Another neurological benefit; marijuana has been shown to help reduce the risk of a person developing Alzheimers – a condition which causes severe deterioration of the brain and its ability to function. The enzymes in the marijuana can prevent plaque deposits from forming in the brain, and therefore slow down and sometimes even stop the oncoming of the disease.

With the ability to potentially treat and prevent these illnesses, plus more besides, it’s clear then that the benefits health benefits of marijuana are great. Whether we see it being widely accepted, by the public and the authorities however, may be a different matter.

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