St. John’s Wort

By | June 22, 2014

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St Johns Wort

By | May 25, 2014

As an attractive wildflower, St Johns Wort is one of the most versatile herbs used in natural health care. Renown herbalist Susun Weed states that “…the flowering tops of St. John’s Wort is harvested after they begin to bloom…and prepared with alcohol or oil, makes two of the most useful remedies in my first aid kit”. She further goes on to say that this herb elevates mood and soothes aching muscles, as well as preventing viral infections.


St John's Wort Image

Conditions alleviated include:

The suggested dose is to use one dropper full, or one milligram of St. John’s Wort, as needed for whatever ails you. For severe pain, use one dropperful every 20 minutes for up to two hours, or whenever the pain eventually subsides. It can also be used as sunscreen and reduce the symptoms of genital herpes.

Although it is a common belief that St. John’s Wort causes sun sensitivity, this is erroneous and in fact prevents it. Contrary to common belief, this herb can also be used as sunscreen.

This resourceful herb also has expectorant, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties making it useful in the treatment of:

  • Chest infections
  • Uncontrollable coughs
  • Tuberculosis
  • Influenza
  • Genital Herpes

In addition, problems with the digestive tract can also be treated with St. John’s, such as dysentery, gastroenteritis and diarrhea.

In the form of herbal oil, it can soothe and expedite the healing of cuts, sores, burns, ulcers and various inflammations.

Currently, this herb is being tested for its ability to successfully treat AIDS, HIV and cancer.