Sexually Stimulating Herbs

By | February 16, 2014

Due to the popularity of the subject, there are many sexually stimulating herbs. A diversity of cultures has employed herbs to arouse and excite. The herbs are used in many ways – either in their original form or as extracts forming part of an ointment, pill or drink. You would use the herbs to both enhance pleasure and aid dysfunctions.

Herb for Sex

Some very important sexually stimulating herbs are:

  • Bayberry will increase your blood flow and cause greater lubrication in the vagina
  • Catuaba originated in South America and works on the central nervous system by enhancing sexual response
  • Cayenne pepper contributes by making the sexual organs stronger while at the same time
  • Coffee and tea both work on the central nervous system and having a cup before sexual activity will make the experience better
  • Cuscuta has a stimulating effect and works on the part of your body that controls sexual function
  • Damiana comes from Mexico and is particularly effective for women – it strengthens all sexual functions
  • Ginseng is responsible for stimulating nerve function and helping the body to rejuvenate faster – everything to do with sexual pleasure will be enhanced
  • Hawthorn: particularly effective for males trying to retain an erection and females lasting engorgement
  • Horny goat weed stimulates senses, especially in the sexual organs and also boosts sperm production
  • Johimbe trees are covered with a bark that boosts the flow of blood to the genitals and alleviates erection problems but it does have a down side too – it can cause high blood pressure, problems with digestion and manic reaction
  • Maca increases desire for sex and drive
  • Muira Pauma helps to increase potency and general stimulation
  • Peppermint leaves are an important sexually stimulating herb – they promote the secretion of lubricating substances within the body

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These sexually enhancing herbs are all available on the market in some form or another. They are available mostly in the form of teas and pills and you would choose them for one of the following purposes:

  • To increase your libido or sexual desire
  • The boosting of sensation in the genital region
  • Performance enhancement
  • Lubrication and therefore comfort
  • Genital strength and size
  • Fertility

There are components of some herbs that help the body to regenerate where it has had problems in the past. Tissue re-growth can cause parts of the body to do something better than it did in the past. Stimulating hormone production or normalizing production can sometimes be all that the body needs to function properly and this can be done with herbs. Nerve centers that are stimulated send signals directly to the genitals and this enhances the experience as a whole. Herbal ingredients do this in a healthy and safe manner when done through consultation with a herbal specialist.

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As with anything herbal, please consult a doctor or herbal professional before treatment – do not just treat yourself! Sexually stimulating herbs are available in many forms and proper advice will lead to you choosing what will work the best for you.