Natural Remedies for Sea Sickness

By | August 22, 2014

Natural Remedies for Sea Sickness

Sea Sickness CartoonLove to sail, but have to put an end to it, due to sea sickness? Read on for some helpful natural remedies. Many people who travel on water for a considerable period of time suffer from what is known as sea sickness. This is essentially a form of motion sickness. This often happens when the eyes and brain perceive conflicting motion and processes resulting in a sick, queasy feeling.

So, How Can I Prevent Sea Sickness?

If you know you’re prone to sea sickness, you can take some precautionary measures prior to traveling. You can also take some measures while you’re traveling. In this way, you can make sure that you minimize your discomfort and uneasiness as much as possible.

Here are something’s that will assist you to lessen your chances of being a victim of sea sickness.

  • Try not to consume much before your trip, especially alcohol.
  • Keep to the middle section of the boat, and if possible try to stay on the upper deck.
  • Also, make sure that your seated in a seat that faces forward.
  • If possible, take a small fan as it can get rather stuff onboard which can lead to that queasy feeling.

Au Natural

There are many pills in the market that can help you combat your sea sickness. However, why not go natural. These days we subject our bodies to so many atrocities – eating junk, taking strong pills and medication etc. It is best that we take the natural route, especially where it is’s possible. Here are a few herbs that can help you with your sea sickness.

Ginger – This root herb is ideal remedy for your motion sickness. It helps to calm the stomach easily and is a gas expeller. Ginger capsules are available, or you can take a couple of drops of ginger tincture. Make sure that you use water to dilute it. This can be taken up to three times a day. This will help keep your sea sickness in check!

Fennel – For centuries now, fennel seeds have been used to calm upset stomach and assist in digestion. These healing proprieties make it a perfect remedy for those suffering from sea sickness. If you just chew on a handful of fennel seeds or take capsules, it should help combat your sea sickness.

Peppermint – This is a popular remedy for sea sickness and perhaps one of the oldest! For many years now, peppermint has helped to calm the stomach. It is particularly helpful with stomach spasms. It also helps prevent vomiting. Peppermint in tea is most common and you can take as much as you need to help you with your motion sickness.