Herb Recipes

By | April 27, 2014

Herb recipes can be more than just tasty, nutritionally-packed foods, but also include delightful bath alternatives that can soothe away tension and refresh tired skin and spirits. Medicinal recipes can be altered to suit an individual’s taste or preference while other medicinal recipes can be made plain allowing fresh remedies to be crafted quickly.

Herb Recipes

Recipes made with herbs used in cooking or as a garnish include herbal pesto, table seasonings and herbal blends that can be used when cooking foods. Wild food plants contain more nutrition than domesticated plants and recipes including Wild Greens, Seaweed and Zucchini add healthy variety to the diet.

There are hundreds of herbal teas and infusions that can be tasty as well as beneficial and these herb recipes include drinking herbs that can take the place of carbonated beverages and custom made to your taste. Adding herbs to wine is a practice that is hundreds of years old and some homemade wines including Elderberry Flower Wine have been used medicinally for hundreds of years. Apple cider is related to vinegar and both have healthy benefits and the recipes for making Fire Cider is just one of the many choices available.

Finding recipes that help a person who is uncomfortable feel better include Cold Comfort Tea, Virus Fighting Broths and Green Tea Chai and can be made easily and affordably. Improving your home environment by crafting your own air freshener, soothing dry skin with body butter made from all natural ingredients and providing relief from the itching, burning pain of athlete’s foot by soaking in a warm pan of Calendula and Thyme water are alternatives to messy creams, expensive sprays and commercially prepared products.

Learning how to make tinctures allows you to store nature’s bounty longer and the recipes for herbal tinctures including step by step directions as well as how to infuse an herb plant into a natural oil allowing it to be added to the bath or rubbed into sore, tired muscles or as a deep therapy for dry skin.

Infant products can be easily made at home using these herb recipes and substituting a plant that is safe for children for one that isn’t. Baby wash, homemade baby wipes and more can be made using all natural ingredients that soothe and protect delicate skin and save money in the process.

Herb recipes are not just for meals but for the body, pets, home and garden.

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