Natural Remedies For Temper Tantrums

By | February 16, 2014

file0001704015753Raising kids is not an easy job as every parent will tell you; between the growing up, all the problems you face with looking after them and the worry that comes with this there are temper tantrums.

Everyone has had one of these before at some point in their childhood however for some children it can be more of an ongoing problem. For some time tantrums were just seen as something everyone does and, while this is true, there are children who do it more regularly and this is why the phenomena started to be more deeply researched. A recent scientific study showed that tantrums have a pattern and that it can be detected whether or not it a child is having issues with tantrums that is maybe a sign of an underlying disorder or whether they just a natural part of the child’s development.

That being said, controlling temper tantrums can be very difficult especially if your child’s tantrums happen to be more frequent and aggressive in nature. Many children have issues with expressing negative emotions in a rational way or even containing them and keeping them to themselves; this is not necessarily a symptom of something more serious as it can be very common however it can be difficult to keep under control.

While we all know of the medication that is often prescribed to those who suffer from these tantrums, there are herbal and more healthy alternatives that parents can choose to help control these emotions in their children and these are more recommended. Artemesia Cina (perhaps more commonly known as wormseed) is one herbal remedy that has been used with success in containing and controlling temper tantrums. Dr Rashmi Chanana advocates the use of Artemesia Cina in helping to reduce the scope of a tantrum as it is a natural way of increasing tolerance when it comes to frustration and annoyance. Indeed, it also helps to reduce irritability and anger as well and generally has a soothing effect on the child and their mood.

In addition to these herbal remedies there are also some parenting tips that can significantly help to reduce the effect that a temper tantrum has as well as help to decrease the likelihood and their frequency in the future. Probably the most salient piece of advice, and perhaps the most obvious, is that the tantrum should never be rewarded. The temptation might be there to do whatever it takes to ease the situation however this is only going to show your child that having a tantrum works and they will continue to use the method to get what they want.

If the tantrum’s are frequent then you should, after a while anyway, be able to notice certain triggers or things that set your child off. Once you identify these then you can limit the frequency of the tantrum; for example, telling your child that their play time is over is a very common tantrum trigger so rather than just informing them out of the blue tell them maybe 10 minutes in advance so that they are prepared for it.

Something that is very important when it comes to temper tantrums and finding a natural way to deal with them is not to think that they are a direct result of your parenting. Some parents believe this and then do whatever they can to ensure that their children get what they want however this is the wrong approach to take. Wait the tantrum out and your parenting skills should be based on how you handle the situation as opposed to thinking that you caused it.

Every child is going to have a tantrum at some stage of their childhood. Some kids have them more often than others however the rules apply to each tantrum whether or not it happens once a day, once a week or once a month; you have to remain firm.

Using herbal remedies such as Artemesia Cina has been proven to help to reduce the intensity and frequency of tantrums in children and if you combine this with parenting skills such as waiting the tantrum out, not giving in and identifying several triggers than can bring a tantrum on then you will be in a much better position to control it.

Indeed, the easy option is simply using western medication to deal with the temper issues of your children however a more natural and herbal route is recommended both in the short and long term.

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