Natural Remedies are Healthier

By | June 1, 2014

As people begin to realize natural remedies are healthier, alternative medicine is becoming more accepted. Natural approaches to the prevention and treatment of disease are a viable option to allopathic medicine and its traditional use of synthetic substances. As healthcare costs rise, many wonder if incredibly expensive synthetic drugs are proving to be worth the money spent.

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Organic versus Inorganic

Traditional medicine as we know it, with a focus on inorganic chemicals to treat the symptoms of disease, is actually a relatively new approach to wellness. In fact, for thousands of years up until recent decades, people relied on herbs, plants and botanicals – natural items easily found in his/her environment – to treat disease.

Even though natural remedies are healthier, people still use traditional medications because:

  • They are freely available at the pharmacy
  • People feel comfortable choosing an OTC drug
  • Society conditions people to accept side-effects rather than seek out wellness
  • They may not know enough about natural substitutes to make an informed decision
  • They feel safe – change can be scary
  • Synthetic medicines work faster

Many people don’t realize fast acting drugs relieve symptoms, but often do not address the underlying problem(s). In addition, traces of the medicines remain, build up in your body and leave a toxic mess in your system.

People are beginning to choose natural remedies and healthy lifestyles to prevent, treat and maintain wellness in his/her body. Natural remedies may take a little longer to work, but patience will pay off with true healing, by allowing your body to revert to its natural healthy state.

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Nature Stores

Health food stores offer a place to purchase organic foods, natural personal care and cleaning products and alternative remedies such as herbal tinctures, essential oils, teas and homeopathic remedies.

Two advantages of herbal remedies:

  • They are significantly cheaper than synthetic medicines
  • You will suffer little to no side effects with natural remedies

Herbal Options

Some examples why natural remedies are healthier:

  • Natural remedies for headaches do not cause drowsiness; these promote healthy blood flow within your system
  • Valerian root, used for thousands of years to aid sleep and calm the body is a safe alternative to sleeping pills; rather than waking up with a sleeping pill hangover, you will wake up feeling fresh
  • Herbal remedies for acne and ADD address the cause rather than just mask its symptoms
  • A healthy detoxification treatment can restore a natural balance to your body, reversing harm from synthetic drugs

An herbal specialist can offer guidance on what herb or combination of herbs will work the most effective for your body. Unlike the traditional approach to medicine, alternative practitioners use a holistic approach, treating each individual as a whole – body, mind and spirit.


Experience and evidence tells us that natural remedies are healthier. When synthetic drugs are not working and causing more problems than relief, consider the benefits that will come from adopting a healthy lifestyle. The transition will happen slowly, but the changes you will feel and see in your body will be well worth the time and effort.