Natural Insomnia Remedy

By | September 24, 2014

Many people suffering from an inability to sleep look for a natural insomnia remedy when synthetic drugs become ineffective. The risk of addiction after prolonged use of sleeping pills can occur in physical and/or psychological form, and health-conscious folks just don’t want to chance those kinds of complications.



Lack of sleep can affect the whole body and chronic insomnia can become extremely debilitating. Most people can handle a rough night sleep or two, but the constant inability to fall and/or remain asleep can affect all aspects of your waking life as well as restrict your ability to function.

Herbal Remedies

Chamomile Tea – the most popular remedy for insomnia; recommended use:

  • For optimum effects, drink the tea three times a day
  • Place oil extract in a bath prior to bed
  • Massage oil to relax skin and muscles before sleep

Lavender – induces sleep, relaxes the mind and soothes tense muscles

  • Place drops of oil on a pillow for a soothing rest
  • Massage oil into the shoulders and the temple

Valerian Root – sedative effects make it a common natural sleep aid. It helps anxiety, assists your mind to relax to the point that you do not wake as often as normal during the night

  • Taken as a pill or nutritional supplement to alleviate mild to moderate insomnia

Passionflower – indicated for insomnia in persons prone to anxiety attacks, nervous exhaustion, worry or extreme tension

  • Drink as tea during the day and one cup before sleeping at night

Hops – sometimes used in combination with Valerian; treats sleeplessness, restlessness and anxiety.

  • It is commonly boiled and served with a meal; sometimes as a flavoring

Avoid Stimulants

A natural insomnia remedy can be quite effective, but cannot counter the effects of regularly consuming stimulants. For these remedies to work, you must commit to a lifestyle change and eliminate energy drinks, coffee, chocolate and other stimulant-providing foods and drinks from your diet.