Triple-Oleate Mullein Oil

By | March 25, 2014

When the Mullein flowers start blooming try this simple recipe for mullein oil by Kahlee Keane ~ Root Woman.

~ Collect a cupful of the fresh flowers, after the morning dew has evaporated and before the heat of the day.

~ Put in a clean glass jar and cover with olive oil.

~ Place jar in a sunny window or outside in the sun for 10-14 days, shaking often.

~ After this time period press and strain the oil.

~ Repeat the procedure three times using the same oil to cover more freshly picked flowers.

~ After your final infusion, strain cork and store the medicine in a cool dark place ready for use.

For Earaches

Use by applying it warm, a few drops down each ear canal.

As you can imagine this triple-oleate oil is impossible to buy, but the superb healing properties are well worth the time and effort you put into making it.

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