Medicinal Plants

By | March 5, 2014

I MEDICINAL PLANTS RESEARCH IN ASIA, VOLUME 1 The International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI) is an independent international scientific

Citation: Anwana ED, Umana EJ, Lennox JA (2012) Antimicrobial Potential of Ten Common Medicinal Plants used by the Bokis, Cross River State, Nigeria.

2 Foreword This issue contains the first part of a series of information on the propagation management of medicinal plants. Medicinal plants abound in the country.

Philippine Medicinal Plants. Vol. IV, U.P. Los Baños College, Laguna, 68 pp. Garcia LL, Herrera CL, Capal TV, Melo CL, Dayap LA & Banal RV. 1998. Philippine Vegetable Drugs in Common Use: Their Chemical Constants Part I,

Medicinal Plants Used by the Higaonon Tribe of Rogongon, Iligan City, Mindanao, Philippines ethnobotany of the Tasaday: the useful plants. Philippine Journal of Science, 103(2): 97-140. Title: Microsoft Word – 39B AEB April 2012.doc Author:

Medicinal plants: a re-emerging health aid 59 from IDRC, activities focus on developing scientific proven medicinal plant remedies as alternatives to patent drugs that are

EDIBLE PLANTS Acacia Acacia farnesiana Description: Acacia is a spreading, usually short tree with spines and alternate compound leaves. Its individual leaflets are small.

A folk recipes of some medicinal plants used by the inhabitants of soon valley khushab (pakistan) research article . abdul ghani and madiha batool

Why Medicinal Plants Are Important • Traditionally the rural poor, especially women, collected and dried wild medicinal plants and sold them in the market to traders.

Although the above plant extracts are used successfully against infectious diseases, these plants are also used by the laypeople against asthma.

135 Afr. J. Trad. CAM (2005) 2 (2): 134 – 152 investigations of medicinal plants have been initiated in many countries because of their contributions to health care.

Screening of Methanol and Acetone Extracts of Fourteen Indian Medicinal Plants for Antimicrobial Activity 246 Table 2. Antimicrobial activity of methanol and acetone extracts of the screened medicinal plants against different microbial strains.