Medicinal Plant

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Botanical, toxicological, biochemical as well as pharmacological properties of medicinal plants. In particular, from the multimedia point of view, this database will use a variety of possibilities for

Different parts of this plant possesses very high medicinal value and used in Ayurveda, Siddha and other traditionalsystems of medicine for curing various ailments[2]. The plant has been assigned to have antidiarrhoeal[3],

Plant Material: One hundred specimen was deposited at the Philippine National M useum, Preparation of Plant Sample: To avoid deterioration, Medicinal plants of the Philip pines. Philippines: JMC Press Inc. E-International Scientific Research Journal

A huge body of work has been performed on a medicinal plant called . Moringa oleifera. This plant has shown to be promising in helping as a ‘mother’s best friend’ in country like Philippine because of its utilization to increase woman’s milk production [12,13]. Plant

Philippine Endemic Hoya Species (Apocynaceae) Faith S. Maranan1,* and Ma. conducted using the recommended standard gene barcoding regions in the plant-maturase K gene medicinal use comes from the South Pacific (Zachos 1997).

1Key Laboratory of Plant Resources Conservation and Sustainable Utilization, the Philippine Islands, and southern Asia where it is labelled as medicinal plant (Kobayashi & Mej’ia, 2005) and

Philippine herbal products include plant parts, tea blends, personal and body care products, fragrance, • Medicinal plant preparations which fail these tests are dangerous and damaging to the human being. Mutagenicity Testing in Medicinal

Methods of identifying new medicinal plants or refocusing on those earlier reported for bioactive constituents (Adjanahoun et al there is the need to survey and document the medicinal plant flora of indigenous communities in the region. One of such community is the Igede speaking

I MEDICINAL PLANTS RESEARCH IN ASIA, VOLUME 1 The International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI) is an independent international scientific

27 Opportunities 1. Diverse climate appropriate for growth of various medicinal species (Iran has 11 climates of the 13 climates in the world) 2.

CAI26/04/04 26/04/04 1 Overview on Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine in Africa The Importance of Traditional Medicine in Africa In all countries of the world there exists traditional knowledge related to the

RESEARCH Open Access Ethnobotanical study of indigenous knowledge on medicinal plant use by traditional healers in Oshikoto region, Namibia Ahmad Cheikhyoussef1*, Martin Shapi2, Kenneth Matengu2, Hina Mu Ashekele1