Making Herbal Salves

By | July 1, 2014

Making herbal salves at home is easy and they can provide better results than over-the-counter medications. Mainly used externally, herbal salves are most efficacious in the treatment of skin wounds, infections, and irritations.

Herbal Salve Basics

While grinding your own fresh herbs produces the best result you may also purchase dried herbs in bulk or in capsule form. If you opt for using the latter form, break apart the capsules to release the powered herb.

Use a small dish to contain the herbs and mix them with mineral water, petroleum jelly, or Aloe vera juice. Petroleum jelly is an excellent choice since it is thicker and will stay in place when you spread it on the skin. Aloe juice is a good choice for penetrating salves because it will carry the herbs into the inflamed or swollen muscles and joints.

Virgin olive oil may ever be employed as an emulsifying agent. However, when using Aloe juice or either of the oils adding slippery elm is a good idea. This herb will thicken the mixture so it won?t be so runny.


In making herbal salves consistency and homogeneity are crucial. To this end mix the herbs with a small portion of the liquid or jelly at a time. This will ensure a uniform saturation of the active ingredients. Also, you can better control the consistency so your finished medication won?t be too thin and not adhere to the skin.

Comfrey Salve


When you have kids at home with their penchant for getting cuts and scrapes comfrey salve is a very useful all-around ointment to keep in stock. Comfrey is an herb that accelerates the repair of damaged tissues. Wounds will close more quickly and scarring will be minimized. Mix the ground comfrey with petroleum jelly for best results. Also, add a pinch of goldenseal to prevent infection from occurring. Comfrey also relieves pain and has general tissue soothing properties.

Hemorrhoid Relief

If hemorrhoids are a problem concoct a salve by mixing Aloe Vera juice, Goldenseal, and white willow or white oak bark. The goldenseal will treat inflammation and the white willow bark will ameliorate the discomfort. Aloe juice will speed absorption into the tissues. Insert the salve into the anus before bedtime and frequently the hemorrhoids are gone by morning. The addition of garlic to the salve is an excellent treatment for killing pinworms and expelling their eggs. This treatment is completely safe for children.

Making herbal salves provides a safe and inexpensive treatment for ailments ranging from splinters and ingrown toenails to burns and cuts. Some of these salves can be used internally as in a hemorrhoid preparation but most are used topically on the skin.