Lamb’s Quarter

By | October 4, 2014

Lamb’s quarter, is a wild relative of the spinach plant. It grows prolifically throughout most of the world. In fact, you probably have a good amount of it volunteering in your own garden starting in late spring.

This herb is one of the most nutritious wild foods you can eat.

One cup of raw lamb’s quarter leaves contains:

Lamb's Quarter Image

~ 80 mg of Vitamin C

~ 11,600 IU of Vitamin A

~ 72 mg of Phosphorus

~ 309 mg of Calcium

As well as good amounts of:

~ Thiamin

~ Riboflavin

~ Niacin


~ Iron

Lamb’s-quarter can be used as a replacement for spinach in soups, egg dishes, or vegetable dishes.

If you are blessed with an abundance of this herb in your yard or garden, consider making up a big batch of Lamb’s Quarter Vinegar for a daily boost of minerals that can’t be beat!

You can also add a big handful to your favorite pesto recipe for extra nutrition and a delicious, slightly nutty flavor.