Kitchen Herb Garden

By | August 28, 2014

A kitchen herb garden is quite popular with many gardeners, whether they are just starting out or they’re already experienced gardeners. The allure of herb gardening stems from the fact that these herbs are very easy to maintain and grow. It requires little preparation and is usually a breeze for beginners to do. Aside from that, the herbs provide plenty of uses in the kitchen and with medicinal purposes. It’s very convenient to have since the plants can be clipped and kept for use at any time.

There are different ways to have a kitchen herb garden.

  • Grow herbs in decorative pots placed on the kitchen window ledge as a way to brighten the place
  • Container garden on the porch or patio, just outside the kitchen door.
  • Grow all kinds of herb outside in a variety of ways

Growing Herbs Outside


Homegrown herbs can be cultivated using a variety of containers other than pots and pans. For a quaint country feel, some people like using a wagon wheel or cart, where different kinds of herbs used for cooking, are wedged in between the wheel’s spokes. Herbs grow better when they are placed separately from other kinds of plants. Some herbs smell wonderful and can be planted on walkways and paths to give the house exterior a better ambience.

The choices for what to grow in a kitchen herb garden are varied and will depend on your cooking needs.

  • Italian cooking – grow herbs like rosemary, chives, basil and oregano. These herbs make marinara or spaghetti sauces taste more authentic.
  • South of the Border flavor – Cilantro herbs are great for many spicy dishes, as well as chili peppers, onion and garlic.
  • Fennel and dill herbs are also quite useful, as are thyme, marjoram, and a variety of mints.

A kitchen herb garden is very convenient to have. But these herbs improve their taste over time if the leaves are harvested on a regular basis. Left untouched, these herbs may turn bitter or taste like grass, which can be a waste of good flavor.