How to Avoid Stress In Order To Lessen Panic Attacks

By | April 1, 2014

704781_migraineStress and anxiety can be a part of life, you cannot always prevent it. However, you can try to steer clear of situations which can trigger it, and you can also learn to control the way in which you react to it.

The very first step in dealing with stress is to determine some coping strategies. Try to use a journal to record stressful incidents, and your reactions to them, as well as how you managed to cope with these stressful situations.

After you understand what worsens your stress threshold and exactly what triggers your panic attacks, you can then begin to make some changes in your lifestyle which will help you steer clear of stressful situations.

Here are some tips:

Organize your time

Managing your time efficiently is definitely a means to find the time to get more things done and decrease the risk of putting yourself under pressure. Decide which points are important and which can wait. Effective time management can make your life much easier, significantly less stressful, and far more meaningful.

Take a look at your way of life

The choices you make regarding the way you live determines your stress levels in direct proportion.

Try to look for a balance and harmony between personal, career, and family demands. This may not be easy, but if you can achieve it, you will go a long way towards living a relatively stress free life or, at the very least, keep stress levels down to a manageable level.

Enjoy a sense of purpose in your life. Numerous men and women discover meaning through relationships with family, close friends, career, or even volunteer work.

Getting enough rest

Get sufficient sleep. Your body recuperates from the stresses and tensions of the day far better then you are able to get a good night’s relaxing and deep sleep.

Eat healthily

Follow healthy practices. Eat healthy foods, restrict your alcohol intake, and do not smoke. Following a healthy regimen is definitely one of the very best defenses against stress.

Keep on the move

Get enough exercise. Even minimal exercise, such as a leisurely daily walk with the dog, a close friend or a loved one, can decrease stress.

Support is essential

Support from family, close friends, as well as your community has a huge effect on the way you experience stress. Getting support often helps you remain psychologically healthier.

Support means getting the love, trust, as well as guidance of others. It may be difficult to request help and build up a support system at first. But remember, asking for help does not suggest that you are weak.

If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed by stress or anxiety. Support can be received from:

• Family members, loved ones, or close friends.
• Colleagues, or people you know and trust
• A professional therapist or counselor.
• People you know from church, or a member of the local clergy.
• Employee assistance programs at your workplace, or stress management training courses.