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By | April 5, 2014

Prepared by Beth Murray, CCH, RSHom (NA), www.wholehomeopathy.com, 510.522.2469 Homeopathic Remedies for Influenza What is Homeopathy? Homeopathy is the use of minute amounts of animal, plant and mineral substances to

Homeopathic Prescribing Pocket Companion June 14, 2007 19:48 Other types of related medicines herbal lore and medicines, Dr Reckeweg compounded a store of remedies

Compiled from a variety of sources (mainly D. Ullman) by L. Holdijk. Pharmacy • almost every pharmacy in Germany and France (20,000) stocks homeopathic remedies

How to use and prepare homeopathic remedies. by Rajan Sankaran is an important resource for information on mental/emotional states associated with each miasm and the remedies which can stimulate people to heal

homeopathic remedies Homeopathy is based on the natural therapies, seeks to stimulate the innate healing power of the individual so that all physiological systems function at their best. Stimulate healing “My life has shifted in ways

The remedies may be over-the-counter medicines purchased at the local pharmacy, or they may be traditional or natural treatments used in the native culture of the families. a homeopathic preparation so these substances are present in minute quantities.

The natural health field talks about supporting our natural healing power, and is generally against intervention, saying, distance consultation to receive sequential homeopathic remedies and dynamic insights based on the Medical Heilkunst program.

Homeopathic remedies such as tissue salts work at supporting health at a cellular level and are also extremely safe and effective to use for people of all ages. of natural remedies, many companies have sprung up to take advantage of the market.

Homeopathic remedies are made from natural substances; plants, animals,(including insects), chemicals and minerals. The substances are usually macerated in alcohol and a mother tincture is prepared. The tinctures then undergo homeopathic dilutions.

When she uses homeopathic remedies. Not only is her health gentlyThe information provided in this article

Course I have shortened all the information so that it is easier for you. You might notice that some remedies seem to have some similar symptoms

Process that renders the remedies "homeopathic". And it is the high document that contains useful information on nosodes (see page 35

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Work. What are homeopathic remedies and how do they work? I will besuggest books to read for more information. Homeopathy is a branch of