Ho She Wu Herb

By | June 26, 2014

Red Fo Ti RootHo she wu, or he shou wu, is a renowned Chinese herb of the Corbind family that is also found in Taiwan and Japan. This herb has been widely used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and has been hailed overall as an anti-aging agent. But according to the plant’s legend and scientific studies that have been conducted on it, it is capable of so much more.

Red Fo Ti

Fo ti he shou wu root, refers to the prepared version of the root which is taken from the plant. The root is then boiled in a liquid made of black beans. The proportion size should be 10 parts ho she wu, and 1 part black beans. The result is called “red fo ti”, a calming tonic that is believed to be able to strengthen the kidney and liver, amplify a person’s energy, fortify the bones, muscles, tendons, and purify the blood. Anti-Aging Benefits

It is also widely believed that he shou wu can thwart the aging factor and promote fertility by increasing the sperm count in men and fortifying the ovum in women. However, it is mostly used to prevent hair color from fading to gray. Many people have even suggested that the herb is a natural pain reliever, and can stop aches and pains in the knees and lower back.

Reports from the American Herbal Pharmacology Delegation, following a 1975 visit to tthe People’s Republic of China, show a mix of interesting studies conducted on ho she wu.

  • Ho She Wu can extend the life cycle of somatic cells within the body.
  • An experiment that introduced processed ho she wu to mice resulted in a reduction of their hepatic liver fat. It also decreased the swelling of the liver that had been caused by carbon tetrachloride poisoning.
  • He shou wu was administered to people with low blood sugar levels and it raised their blood sugar.
  • The herb was found to be useful in reducing serum cholesterol due to its lecithin content.
  • The herb is highly valuable for its ability to offset tuberculosis bacillus which infect the body’s lymph glands.


He Shou Wu for Dogs

The herb is also a great benefit to dogs and other animals. Studies have shown it is able to slow down aging in animals and strengthen weak kidneys. Not only does it heal the kidneys but it also cleans out the animal’s bladder which restores its energy.

He Shou Wu Tea

Water does not serve as a good medium for the herb, as the herb’s phytochemicals are not water soluble and boiling the he shou wu in water will not provide a sufficient extract to drink. So unless, you simply want to drink He Shou Wu tea, it’s probably a good idea to use a different method of preparation to utilize the benefits of the herb.

If you still wish to drink he shou wu as tea, start by boiling three to five grams of the processed root in one cup of water for ten to fifteen minutes. Then drain the decoction. Drink about three or more cups daily. Just keep in mind that the tea version of the herb won’t be as effective.

How to Take He Shou Wu

It is better to take the herb in its tinctured form or as a fine powder shaken into a juice or another liquid. Roots that are 4 years old or more are recommended, as they seem to have a stronger effect.

An excess amount of the raw unprocessed ho she wu should never be consumed as it can cause skin rashes and diarrhea. The unprocessed version can be taken, however, if the intent is to reduce constipation.