Herbs For Women

By | November 11, 2013

Herbs for Women

Herbs for Women

Nourishing ourselves daily with herbs, healthy food, exercise, meditation techniques and other relaxing practices, fresh air, inspiring work and sound sleep goes far to insuring a high quality of health and a life we enjoy. These things also make it possible to avoid imbalances before they occur.

For optimal health we need to keep our hormones balanced, keep our livers functioning properly and keep our adrenal systems healthy.

There are many herbs to assist us with these tasks. Each herb has unique properties and specific functions. Some are quite powerful and it’s extremely important to familiarize yourself with each herb that you use.

Most tonic herbs work best when taken daily over time. Take the time to learn about body systems and what herbs may benefit you most for the stage of life you’re in and the specific needs you have.

~ Healing & Nourishing Herbs for Women ~

Women’s Herbal Wisdom Transformations and alterations mark a woman’s path through life. Every step of the way, herbs can enhance the quality of the journey.

Daily Tonic Herbs for Women

Herbs for Premenstrual Syndrome

Fertility Herbs

Herbs for Pregnancy

Herbs for Menopause

Herbs for Yeast infections

Herbs for women generally fall under these four categories:

Uterine Tonics

Herbs that strengthen and tone the female reproductive system:

Chaste Tree Berry


Dong Quai


Oat Straw


Raspberry Leaf

Uterine Contractors

These are herbs that cause the uterus to contract. They are generally used to bring on a late period or assist in childbirth. Some of them work by irritating the lining of the uterus. Others contain oxytocin and produce prostaglandins which cause the uterus to contract. Some of these herbs are toxic. If you are going to use uterine contractors it is advised that you seek the wisdom of a practicing herbalist.

Blue Cohosh Root

Parsley Root/Leaf

Pennyroyal Leaf/Flower

Rue Leaf

Tansy Leaf


*because these herbs promote menstruation they are generally not to be used during pregnancy.

Herbs that stimulate and promote normal menstrual flow:

Blue Cohosh

Dong Quai






Hormonal Balancers and Regulators

These are herbs that help normalize the functions of the endocrine glands, which govern the female reproductive system. They have a strong effect on the liver. A properly functioning liver is crucial to balancing hormones.

Black Cohosh

Chaste Tree Berry

Licorice Root

Milk Thistle Seed

Wild Yam Root

Lemon Balm