Herbs for Infection

By | February 19, 2014

Herbs for infection are powerful in not only fighting germs off, some can even kill the bacteria on the onset. Below are some recommend herbs to use for treating infection:


Garlic – Known as the “wonder drug”, garlic is useful for many kinds of ailment, infection being just one of the problems that can be treated successfully. Garlic contains a very potent compound called allicin, which is also what causes that strong odor. One milligram of this is equal to about fifteen units of Penicillin.

When you find herbal medications that claim its “odor free”, it may not be the best one to buy. Being odor free means that it is already without allicin. At best, raw garlic is the most reliable, most effective and cheapest.

Goldenseal – While this herb doesn’t seem to have a powerful effect on infections that are caused by fungus, like with athlete’s foot, goldenseal is handy and effective for ear infections and strep throat.

Echinacea – This herb is manages colds and flu, preventing a person from developing a severe case. It also helps the body recover faster from it. Echinacea is also useful for throat and ear infections, as well as glandular problems.

Kelp – It is not exactly an antibiotic but this herb helps the body produce more iodine, which aids with thyroid problems and kills bacteria. If you have strep throat, kelp is also an option. The herb coats the throat and quickly fights the bacteria. Putting it directly in hot water or tea extracts the iodine efficiently.

With these herbs for infection in your medicine cabinet, you have a more natural and organic way of treating minor health problems safely and efficiently.