Herbs for Fertility

By | April 12, 2014

Infertility causes are complex and vary from person to person. Herbs for fertility can provide improvement without side effects.

Focus on the following goals as a basic approach:

  • Establish balanced hormonal function
  • Nourish & Tone the Uterus
  • Relax the Nervous System
  • Balance Sexual Desire

Useful Fertility Herbs


Red Clover Blossoms – This herb’s high vitamin and protein content is valuable to the uterus as well as whole body and can help balance hormonal function. Drink one or more cups of infusion of this herb daily for several months to benefit from the high calcium and magnesium content and trace minerals needed by the glands. Add fresh clover flowers or dried blossoms to your daily infusions. Nettle Leaves Drink one or more cups of infusion of this herb daily for several months to nourish the adrenals and kidneys as well as the whole body. It is also a helpful uterine tonic, and its high chlorophyll and mineral content benefit the hormonal system.

Raspberry Leaf – This is one of the more popular fertility herbs and should be combined with Red Clover. It is a beneficial uterine tonic and high in calcium. Dong Quai This herb is valued as an effective fertility promoter. Herbalists suggest using this herb in tincture form only between ovulation and menstruation. Use this herb only in combination with other herbs for fertility.

False Unicorn Root – Use 5-15 drops of this tincture daily to alkalinize the ovaries, bladder and kidneys.

Damiana – Use this herb consistently over several weeks for toning the nervous system, balancing hormones and increasing sex drive. You can buy the bulk dried herb and make capsules.

Fertility Brew Recipe:

  1. 1 oz. dried Red Clover blossoms
  2. 1 oz. dried Nettle leaves
  3. 1 oz. dried Raspberry leaf.
  4. Steep herbs overnight in one quart of boiling water. Strain and drink throughout the day.

You may add 5-15 drops of Dong Quai tincture OR False Unicorn Root tincture to 1 cup of the above infusion ONCE DAILY. (If you drink all 4 cups of the infusion in 1 day add one of the tinctures to 1 cup infusion.)

Pairing herbs for fertility with good nutrition and sufficient intake of calcium and magnesium are vital in a woman’s ability to conceive and carry a baby.