Herbs for Children

By | March 10, 2014
Herbs for Children

While many adults use natural herbs to heal and nourish themselves, herbs for children can produce the same results. Parents empower children by teaching them the healing powers of nature.

Children exhibit a natural affection and affinity with plants and herbs, and can receive benefits from their healing properties and healthy nutrients. Most children love to plant and watch seeds sprout into mature plants. Planting a garden with your child can be a joyful experience and a simple, effective way to show children the importance of the natural world.

Natural Goodness

Children love to explore and feel empowered when given the freedom to discover new aspects of an adult world. Children can investigate nature by touching, smelling and tasting plants. Parents will feel relieved to see their child choosing foods rich in minerals and nutrients over processed sugary foods such as juices and soft drinks. Natural herbal remedies for children are a safe alternative to excessive amounts of sugar that can cause problems with blood sugar levels and reduce the natural levels of calcium kids need to grow healthy bones and teeth.

Educate Children About Plants

Parents/guardians enable children to intuit and connect to the environment by teaching them about the many different wild edible and medicinal plants that exist in nature.

In addition to learning the plants that can heal, kids will also learn to identify the plant life, botanicals and herbs to avoid. In this way, kids will be able to distinguish between edible and toxic plants. Encouraging children to take a deeper interest in their natural surroundings can empower to trust his/her instincts. Common herbs children may find while exploring include chickweed, dandelion, plantain, nettle and yellow dock.

Different Perspective

Once children are made aware of the power of plant life and nature, they will recognize the close relationship humans have with the Earth.

Intimately interacting with therapeutic plants will also emphasize the value of natural healing over synthetic treatments.

Many herbs for children can introduce your children to the world of holistic medicine and a healthier lifestyle involving natural remedies.