Herbalist Pathfinder

By | July 12, 2014

Paizo.com, Pathfinder Modules <pathfindermodules@hotmail.com>, Aug 14, 2013 paizo.com, Pathfinder Modules <pathfindermodules@hotmail.com>, Aug 14, 2013 3443607 Charged by herbalist Laurel to cure the afflicted town, the PCs venture into Dark-

Alchemist & Herbalist LE Male Human (Chelish/Varisian) Alchemist 5. Role: Alchemist, Sczarni fixer. Location: Pillbug's Pantry (16). Appearance: Short, rotund, unattractive. Personality: Cagey, suspicious, structured, over-complicates things.

Ancient Mesoamerica Pathfinder Art and Literature Mesoamerican Art A collection of stone figures, pottery, jewelry, clothing, wooden artifacts, recipes from Mayan herbalist are also included. Religion of the Aztec Learn about the religion of the Aztec people.

Pathfinder Module D4: Hungry Are the Dead Roots and Remedies: An herbalist shop run by Laurel, who helps those she can but is quick to exploit to the gullible. The Cutyard: A bustling place full of lumberjacks and woodcutters