Herbal Capsules

By | July 16, 2014

Herbal capsules are often a good choice for taking herbs that have an unpalatable flavor (such as valerian) and do not lend themselves for making herbal infusions or even tinctures.

Other Advantages to Making Herbal Capsules

~ You can customize your blend of herbs.

~ Capsules are easy to take and easy to carry with you.

~ You can be assured of the freshness & quality of herbs you use.

~ You can customize your dosages.

~ Making Herbal Capsules ~

Herbal Capsules ImageIf you are using herbs from your garden make sure they are absolutely dry.Grind dried herbs in a spice grinder to the finest consistency you can.Place the powdered herbs into Veggie caps.

*Note from editor: Gelatin capsules are often cheaper, but they are gummy and difficult to digest. They are also a by-product of the slaughter industry.Plant basedveggie caps are completely digestible and very affordable if you buy them in bulk.

Capsules generally come in sizes 00 or 0.

00 are bigger.

Dosages for capsules will vary by herb so consult an herbal handbook.

Store your capsules in airtight containers away from heat.

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