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Herbal Blends Digest BLOOD/LYMPH CLEANSE Wildcrafted / Certified Organic CONTAINS: Burdock root, Cleavers herb, Dandelion root, Neem leaf, Oregon Grape Root, Red Clover flowering

Herbal medicinal products, fall into two main categories, depending on whether they fulfill the criteria for the definition of a traditional herbal medicinal product or a medicinal product. This re-classification of herbal

Chinese herbal medicine. The Chinese materia medica (a pharmacological reference book used by TCM practitioners) contains hundreds of medicinal substances—primarily plants,

Specifically evaluated herbal medicine use among the general population [36,37]. The current study assessed the prevalence of herbal medicine use among a general

Herbal Medicine Kit Detailed discussions will be done with interested parties / investors. The detailed product specifications and the lab reports are available and the kit is ready for technology transfer.

An HERBAL/MEDICAL DICTIONARY BY MICHAEL MOORE A Glossary of terms used in Herbalism, Medicine and Physiology Descriptions, Explanations, and Implications in

Academic J. Plant Sci., 1 (2): 26-36, 2008 27 Table 1: List of Medicinal plants whose market potential is very high S.N. Name of the plant (Ranunculaceae) Common name Figures Medicinal uses

Life Cycle Herbal Products, Inc. ˘ˇˆ ˙ ˝ ˛˚˜ ˇ˜!ˇˇ˜"#$ ˛%# %& $ ’(’ ) * ’ " # ˛+++++ Please print out this pdf file and fill out the form then fax to (626) 618-6116.

Am.-Eurasian J. Sustain. Agric., 5(2): 310-317, 2011 311 Quality, efficacy, and assurance of the safety of medicinal plants and herbal products has now become

Do you want to live a longer, more healthful life? All of us do and daily we are bombarded with information promoting products, which are advertised to help us

As the nascent US herbal industry grew, a few companies began to employ HPLC analysis for so called standardized extracts from Europe (actually

3 SAFETY OF CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE INFORMATION FOR PRACTITIONERS The booklet will be set out in the following sections: 1. How drugs are metabolized and excreted