Herbal Remedy Nicotine Withdrawal

By | July 29, 2014
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Even smoking has an herbal remedy nicotine withdrawal for the natural effect of trying to stop smoking. Many smokers feel that they have enormous difficulty in quitting because of the symptoms that manifest after they have left their cigarettes for a few hours. These symptoms can range from feeling a little bit irritable to nausea and cold sweats

Nicotine is a “more” drug. Consumption of it will please your brain and your body for a small amount of time, but shortly after that, you will want more – this is how it becomes an addiction on the first place. Anxiety and depression are the most common effects of quitting smoking.

Many people have tried and failed to quit smoking, but they have not tried an herbal remedy nicotine withdrawal, which helps nicotine withdrawal to not last forever. The smoking of opium used to be very popular. When people wanted to quit opium, they used to be treated with a herbal remedy. Today nicotine withdrawal is treated in almost the same way by using an herbal remedy.

Many natural remedies treat nicotine withdrawal and they are becoming more and more popular with medical practitioners.

What can you do to reduce the effects of nicotine withdrawal?

  • Grape seed extract – begins the process of repairing lung damage.
  • Cayenne pepper – antioxidant properties and reduces cravings.
  • Ginger – helps the body to sweat which helps the body to rid itself of the substances that it craves.
  • Valerian – helps you to relax and feel soothed – and you will need this particularly in the first few days of quitting.
  • Ginseng – has “feel good” properties that are a great help during the time that your body is getting of the effects of nicotine
  • St John’s Wort – It has been suggested, if not yet scientifically proven that most smokers are moderately depressed, and smoking is a form of self-treatment for depression. St. John’s Wort, while not directly related to the symptoms of quitting smoking, does assist in treating the smoker’s natural depression and the added depression they experience when trying to quit smoking.

People who have been smoking for a long period sometimes need more than a herbal remedy nicotine withdrawal, as withdrawal can be very serious and consultation with a doctor might be necessary to assist in the early stages.