Herbal Remedy Milk Thistle

By | March 23, 2014

The herbal remedy Milk Thistle is one of the most versatile herbal remedies in existence and a valuable addition to any herbal medicine cabinet. Milk thistle works to tone and restore the body, being especially useful in treating gall bladder and liver problems.

This amazing herb supposedly got its name from the way it helps nursing mothers with the flow of milk. It is easy to use too – simply chew on the leaves and you will immediately begin to alleviate menstrual issues and boost milk flow. Milk thistle soothes and is an effective treatment for certain types of inflammation.

The home remedy milk thistle is useful in the following ways:


Studies conducted that show that milk thistle has important cancer-fighting properties. Unfortunately, this showed when the substances were removed from the thistle in a laboratory. Used in the concentration that they appear in the thistle does not always have the same effect.

Liver disease

Milk thistle can assist to a degree in reversing the effects often caused by heavy drinking and other cirrhosis-causing diseases. This is not scientifically proven, but small numbers of people have reported positive results from using Milk thistle to treat liver problems.

Mushroom Poisoning

Milk thistle can be very effective in counteracting the symptoms caused by accidental ingestion of poisonous mushrooms. Liver damage can be avoided by ingesting the milk thistle. Death, too, can often be avoided if it is taken early enough.

You can even alleviate the symptoms of a bad hangover by using milk thistle.

Milk Thistle Formulations

Milk thistle is available in many forms, such as capsules, dried herbs and herbal tonics. These different formulations of milk thistle allow it to be absorbed into the system in different ways – making it effective in different ways. For instance, seeds are often used in different formulas, and although it assists very positively, you need to be aware of the fact that it has laxative properties as well.

Milk thistle contains vitamin E as well, which is one of the reasons that it is such a good antioxidant. The flowers that bloom from the plant are used in many herbal remedies that stimulate the body in different ways and help the system to regenerate.

Skin ulcers can be treated as well. The seed of the plant is crushed and brushed over the area of the ulcer. Repeat a few times but it ultimately will remove the ulcer. Teas created boost the immune system.

The naturally strong antioxidant properties are the main reason that this herb is so effective in detoxification. It repairs damaged cells and stimulates the creation of new cells. Since the liver is most often in need of detoxification and cell repair, milk thistle has become known for treating liver problems.