Herbal Remedy Articles

By | April 25, 2014

Herbal Remedy Articles

When considering alternative health options, herbal remedy articles help to explain how an herb can be used including how to prepare teas, make poultices and salves using plant leaves, crushed seeds or oil.

Natural Herbal Remedies

Humans are not the only species that benefit from herbal home remedies and articles that specifically deal with cats, homeopathy for pets and instructions on how to create herbal remedies allow pet owners to include these in their pet’s daily routine.

Learning the various terms commonly associated with herbal remedies is made easier with herbal remedy articles that include definitions as well as step by step instructions on how to prepare an herbal remedy. Making salves with nut or seed oils instead of petroleum based products is one way to limit the amount of chemicals that the body is exposed to plus natural ingredients may pose less problems with allergic reactions. Scented soaps often use chemicals to create the smell but natural soaps and lotions only contain flower petals or essential plant oils which may lessen skin irritation. Any substance including herb plants can cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive; however, herbal remedies do not contain artificial dyes, fillers or binders that often cause minor allergic reactions.

Learning about how other cultures use their indigenous plants for medicine sheds light on plant family members available in the area in which you live. The Chinese people are noted for living long and healthy lives and their herbal knowledge has been meticulously recorded and is part of their daily routine.

Herbal Remedies for Cats
Two paramount reasons for using herbal remedies for cats are that they are effective and have no dangerous side effects. For thousands of years, cats have naturally sought and eaten plants containing nutrients missing from their diets or that their bodies needed to fight an illness.

Medicinal Healing Herbs
Some essential medicinal healing herbs are quite useful to keep in medicine cabinets at home for treating cuts and scrapes.

Making Herbal Salves
Making herbal salves at home is easy and they can provide better results than over-the-counter medications.

Making Herbal Poultices
Making herbal poultices is not difficult and can be done relatively quickly. A poultice is like a salve or an ointment and is often heated before applying to the skin.

Making Herbal Infusions
Herbal infusions are potent water-based preparations. They are superb for extracting the medicinal properties of dried herbs.

Making Herbal Tinctures
Herbal tinctures are spirit-based powerful elixirs made from a concentration of one or more herbs. These tinctures are usually made from fresh plant material combined with an alcohol such as vodka or brandy, or another liquid such as vinegar or ethanol.

Herbal Capsules
Herbal capsules are often a good choice for taking herbs that have an unpalatable flavor (such as valerian) and do not lend themselves for making herbal infusions or even tinctures.

Herbal Compresses
Doctors and healers of all kinds have been using herbal compresses for thousands of years to ail in the repairing of damage to body and providing relief of symptoms ranging from asthma to eczema.

Comfrey’s Burning Secret
Cell regeneration and the healing of wounds – even some of the deeper ones – are comfrey’s burning secret.

Fight Colds with Herbs
Many different herbs can be used to treat both cold and flu symptoms, and most can be easily obtained. In fact, if you have even the slightest of green thumbs, you can grow your own herbs.

Making Children’s Remedies
Besides the differences in the amount of herbs used for making children’s remedies, we need to consider taste, since the most wonderful of remedies do no good at all if they are met by a tightly closed mouth!

Chinese Herbal Remedies
Alternative medicine has long been practiced around the world and Chinese herbal remedies have been around longer than most.

History of Herbal Medicine
Herbal medicine is a practice that is as old as mankind, and certainly older than agriculture or writing; every human culture on every continent of the Earth has practiced herbal medicine of one form or another.

Making Your Own Herbal Remedies
Making your own herbal remedies is something most people can do easily. You don’t necessarily have to start by growing your own herbs either, but that’s not difficult if you want to do things that way either. Many home made herbal remedies are created by buying dried herbs in bulk, or buying herbal gel caps and opening them up to mix the powdered herb with other ingredients.

Proper Herbal Remedy Ingredients
Whether you’re making your own herbal remedies or buying ready made solutions, the quality of what you buy is extremely important. Ready made remedies are the biggest cause of concern, because many companies manufacture remedies and herbal supplements which contain a whole host of non herbal ingredients in them.

Herbal Remedies for Skin Care
Many people facing skin problems have turned to herbal remedies for skin care rather than more conventional treatments. Some of the most common conditions are oily skin and acne along with dry and itchy skin and rashes.

Astragalus for Colds and Flu
So just what is this miracle remedy? It’s an ancient Chinese herb called Huang qi. But you probably know it by its more common name, astragalus.

Should You Take Gingko Biloba To Boost Your Memory?
In the last few years, gingko biloba has become one of the most heavily advertised herbal products in health food stores and magazines. It seems that gingko is being advertised everywhere, as a new miracle cure for many common ailments. Gingko is reputed to improve thinking, stave off Alzheimer’s disease, preserve memory, and reverse memory loss.

Herbal Remedy to Ease Nicotine Withdrawal
One of the difficulties in trying to quit smoking is that smokers become physically dependant on nicotine. Smoking affects the parts of the brain that relate to reward and pleasure.

Common complaints, minor infections, digestive issues including flatulence and indigestion, plus information on how to lessen the severity of the common cold is included in specific articles on these subjects. Saving money while staying healthier and enjoying life to its fullest is just part of what herbal remedies offer. Reading herbal remedy articles will help educate and inform and provide a natural healthier alternative to expensive over-the-counter and prescription medications.