Herbal Remedies for Warts

By | June 4, 2014

Most warts remove easily using herbal remedies for warts. Warts are common skin growths resulting from infection with the human papillomavirus, or HPV. While some warts contained in the HPV family of viruses cause genital infectious and cancerous tumors, most are benign and consist of those unsightly and sometimes annoying protuberances on fingers, hands and feet.

Because the HPV virus can enter the bloodstream through tiny cracks in the skin, warts are highly contagious. However, most usually vanish within several weeks or several months upon emerging without intervention. Warts that do not disappear in a timely manner sometimes grow larger and may irritate an individual if it is located in a place where clothing closely rubs the skin.

Many wart remedies are based on superstition and have no merit whatsoever, while herbal remedies for warts incorporate special ingredients contained in special herbs that possess effective anti-viral properties.

Herbs for Warts


Salicylic acid is a plant hormone utilized for growth during transpiration and photosynthesis. It is also a chemical that physicians apply to warts to effect their removal. Some herbs contain high amounts of salicylic acid, which explains their ability to dissolve warts.

White willow, or weeping willow, is a natural producer of salicin, a precursor to salicylic acid. White willow bark crushed into a powder form and made into a paste is one of the most effective herbal remedies for warts available. In addition, you can use this herb to reduce fevers, headache pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Holistic shops sell white willow bark in bulk powder form as well as in tea bags or capsules.

Milkweed Sap

Apply milkweed sap directly to the wart, daily, for about a week. The wart will gradually shrink until it just disappears.


Soaking several peeled lemon slices in a cup of salted apple cider for two weeks is another one of the many wart remedies that eliminate warts from the body. Rub one of the lemon slices on the wart several times a day until the wart is gone.

Lemon Essential Oil

Once a day, apply a drop of lemon essential oil to the wart then cover with an adhesive bandage. It usually takes about a week for the wart to be gone.


Crush garlic cloves into a poultice and apply a generous amount to warts. Cover with a bandage for 24 hours before removing the bandage. After several days, the wart should fall off. If it hasn’t, repeat the procedure with applications of vitamin E cream to prevent overdrying of the skin.


Due to the presence of volatile oils, plant acids, anti-viral properties and sterols, the calendula herb can eliminate ugly warts as well by drinking a hot tea made of two tablespoons of dried calendula and applying some of this liquid directly on the wart.

Oil obtained from the Castor Oil plant will soften and disintegrate a wart with regular applications, followed by tightly covering the wart with a bandage. Native to India, the Castor Oil plant produces beans (not seeds) containing castor oil which is also beneficial as a laxative, for treating acne and as a leather softener.

Dandelion Sap

The cheapest and easiest of all the herbal remedies for warts involves breaking the stem of the dandelion in two and rubbing the “milk” over the wart. Chemicals in this plant sap cause the wart to essentially fluidify after about seven days, which allows for quick detachment of the wart without pain or bleeding.


Celadine is an herb belonging to the poppy family, which provides an orange-yellow sap effective as a wart remover as well as cure for other skin irritations. Squeeze the sap directly from the stem of the celadine onto the wart if you have ready access to the plant. Otherwise, dried celadine is available at herbal supplement stores in bulk or tea bags. Applying celadine sap twice a day for about a week usually eliminates warts and may prevent new warts from emerging, a common occurrence in wart etiology.

Some warts should not be treated with herbal remedies for warts because they need a physician’s care, such as warts that bleed, swell or cause severe pain. Warts that suddenly emerge all over the body warrant immediate intervention as well, since this may indicate a complication involving the immune system.