Herbal Remedies For Muscle Spasms

By | April 28, 2014

Another answer to muscle spasms and cramps is a class of herbal remedies known as antispasmodics. This class of remedies relaxes muscle spasms, often by helping to balance the function of the nerves. One of the most powerful of these antispasmodic herbs

• Blue Cohosh – Indicated for memory problems, nervous disorders and muscle spasms. • Borage – Balances glands. Many of these natural herbal remedies are combined into special formulas for specific illnesses to help optimize results.

• muscle spasms • pinched nerve • arthritis • kidney infection • slipped disk • cancer • acid reflux • improper lifting Herbal remedies are fine for mild depression, but should never be used for severe depression.

Herbal Muscle Relaxers Homeopathic Remedies for Muscle Atrophy Phosphorus – weakness of the entire nervous system from slight parasthesia (abnormal Cuprum aceticum – the main remedy for muscle spasms. It is especially good for

Although most herbal remedies are from plants, Lavender helps relieve tired muscles and can actually reduce muscle spasms. The levels will indicate if you need to take action to lower your cholesterol. Herbal remedies can be very helpful in lowering cholesterol,

Tones intestinal muscle Valerian: relieves gastrointestinal spasms and distress Over this time our unique herbal remedies, used individually or in combination, If at any stage the symptoms come back then go back to the lower dose for a few more days.

It has been used to treat lower back pain, urinary tract infection, colds and flu. increases immune response. It has been used to treat swollen tissues and urinary difficulty. Dong quai relieves smooth muscle spasms (especially in the uterus), promotes menstrual flow, Remedies that help

Herbalistmama’s Homeopathic/Herbal Birth Remedies 2. UNDA 245 Homeopathic blend Apply to lower abdomen and lower back for pain relief during contractions Afterpains are cramps/spasms low in pelvis Fundus flabby Weakness, exhaustion Trickling bleeding

herbal medicine professional herbalists still use passionflowervalerian medicinally as a remedy for insomnia and nervousanxiety, hyper activity and muscle spasm. Valerian is a

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