Herbal Remedies for Hot Flashes

By | January 10, 2014

Menopause is a normal transition and finding herbal remedies for hot flashes may provide a natural alternative to chemical hormonal replacement for women experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of menopause. Some foods and beverages may increase hot flashes and many times a change in lifestyle and diet can lessen the severity of these irritating, non-life threatening symptoms.

Healthy Living


Proper nutrition, exercise and rest are important aspects of healthy living and are more important for women during any stage of menopause. Hot flashes signal the internal change that occurs during menopause and may be the first symptom experienced by women and these frustrating bouts of intense warmth and sweating may occur during the entire process. The hypothalamus gland controls the regulation of body temperature and during menopause the reduction in estrogen causes this gland to stop functioning properly. Daily exercise is important as menopause often reduces the ability of a woman’s body to retain calcium and exercise five times a week improves bone health and strengthens muscles.

Healthy Eating

Menopausal women may lose vitamins and minerals during this change and improving the diet by including herbal remedies for hot flashes is an easy way to ensure that proper nutrition is maintained.

  • Oils – Using Olive or Soybean oil instead of vegetable or corn oil is an easy way to reduce the overall fat intake
  • Whole grains – Eating whole grains instead of processed flours may also help.
  • Eat your greens – Many leafy green vegetables including broccoli, collards, mustard and kale are high in calcium and reducing the intake of high protein foods helps the body retain calcium.
  • Limit your sodium intake – This can be as easy as replacing water for carbonated beverages and cooking foods without adding additional salt.

Herbal Remedies

Black Cohosh has been used for centuries as an alternative herbal therapy for hot flashes and for many women the addition of this herb may prove beneficial. Tea made from dried Black Cohosh is bitter but this common herbal alternative is available in capsules and may be combined with other herbs to help treat menopausal symptoms.

  • Sarsaparilla, Licorice and Chaste Berry are commonly combined with Black Cohosh to reduce hot flashes
  • Red Clover, Gingko Biloba and Cinnamon are also used to relieve the irritating side affects during menopause

Herbs for Dry Skin

Some herbal remedies for hot flashes are for external use and include salves to help prevent the skin from drying out that include Soy or Olive oil and Vitamin E. Stinging Nettle water and or Aloe Vera sap added to bath water helps to soothe itchy skin another common side effect from hot flashes. Hot flashes can cause sweating and this leaches oils from the skin and since part of the change in a womanÂ’s body reduces oil production, helping the skin to replace lost oil may prevent scrapes, scratches and bruising. Sage, Chickweed and Ginger are also good bath and skin cream additives and may provide additional antimicrobial protection for minor skin wounds by preventing infection.

Time for Changes

Menopause can take its toll on a womanÂ’s health and avoiding high caffeine beverages, salt, excessive protein and alcohol are simple ways to ensure that the body retains the compounds necessary for good health. Studies of women who smoke indicate that they are more likely to experience moderate to severe hot flashes and skin dryness and entering into menopause may be a good reason to stop smoking.

Many of the home remedies for hot flashes include herbs that can be added to the diet and are inexpensive. Chai tea can be made at home by combining spices and herbs including Cinnamon, Vanilla, Ginger, Sage, Licorice, Chickweed and Peppercorns with a natural sweetener like honey and soy milk.

Many tasty and effective herbal remedies for hot flashes experienced during menopause are available and finding a natural way to ease the discomfort of this change may prevent other dangerous medical conditions from occurring.