Herbal Remedies for Hay Fever

By | April 15, 2014

Herbal Remedies for Hay Fever

Hay Fever

Hay fever is an allergic condition triggered by the immune system’s response to inhalant substances (frequently pollens).

Children and adults alike suffer from seasonal allergies to pollens from blooming plants and fromallergic reactions to animal dander, feathers, and a huge variety of environmental elements.

Hay Fever Symptoms

Common symptoms of respiratory allergies include sneezing, watery, weepy eyes, coughing, runny nose,postnasal drip, and itchy, irritating feelings in the eyes, ears, nose and throat.

Some secondary symptoms can be fatigue, headaches, nosebleeds and itchy skin.

Hayfever and respiratory allergies can also aggravate existing health problems like acne, asthma and eczema.

What Causes Hay Fever?

Researchers have yet to clearly understand why some people’s immune systems over-react to exposure to pollens and other environmental elements,while other people do not suffer from this problem.

It is hard to pinpoint the exact cause of respiratory allergies, however, heredity does seem to play a role, as do environmental factors. Some evidence suggests that those who were breastfed as babies are less likely than those who were bottle fed to develop allergies.

Symptoms of hay fever are partly a result of inflammation that, in turn, is activated by the immune system. Because of this, a properly functioning immune system is crucial in the treatment of seasonal allergies.

Herbal Remedies for Hay Fever

Chamommile Tea is used to reduce duration of hay fever attacks.

Ephedra relieves congestion & bronchial spasms.

Eucalyptus is used in steam inhalation to ease congestion.

Eyebright tincture or capsules reduce hay fever symptoms.

Ginger reduces inflammation, antimicrobial.

Licorice root reduces inflammation, antiviral, antibacterial.

Nettle extract acts as an expectorant, reduces sinus inflammation.

Rooibos has antihistamine properties. A tea is sometimes helpful in relieving symptoms.

St. John’s Wort capsules are used to relieve sinus headache.

There are also some homeopathic remedies that are very helpful on relieving symptoms of hay fever.

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