Herbal Remedies for Depression

By | April 21, 2014

You may be suffering from depression and not even know it, but do not worry – there are herbal remedies for treating depression that will have you as right as rain in no time. These remedies do not carry the side effects that the unnatural creations of scientists carry; most of them are completely danger free and only very few have some small side effects that you’ll be informed about before you start to take anything

The following are the strongest symptoms of depression:

  • Struggling to sleep
  • Not sleeping at all
  • Things that used to be easy to do are now extremely difficult
  • Concentration is extremely difficult
  • Negative thoughts rule your mind no matter what you try to do
  • Your appetite is non-existent
  • You eat more than you ever have before
  • You are highly irritable and your temper is extremely short
  • Loss of interest in daily activities
  • You begin to have suicidal thoughts

Natural remedies for depression include the use of the following herbs – either alone or in combination with other homeopathic remedies:

  • Basil – can assist in the relief of mild pain and increase concentration levels
  • Borage – high in potassium; juice made from the leaf stimulates your body to get over the “down” feeling; sadness can be comforted for a period of time
  • Ginkgo – particularly useful with older people suffering from depression as it also assists in increasing blood flow; also of great assistance in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s
  • Lemon Balm – the calming effects of this herb are very strong and this assists with relief of mild depression but is not very effective with major depressive episodes
  • Purslane – very high mineral levels contribute to the relief of depression
  • Rosemary – in a bath or under a pillow, it gives some energy and assists in lifting the cloud of depression
  • Siberian ginseng – aids the body in dealing with stress by stimulation and enhancement of “good” feelings
  • Yohimbine – used in conjunction with anti-depressive medicine to improve the effects of man-made medicine
  • St John’s Wort – extract is the most effective of all herbal remedies for depression

Others that are used to a lesser degree include:

  • Clove
  • Ginger
  • Kava Kava
  • Sage
  • Thyme

Anyone suffering from depression, or who thinks they are suffering from depression needs to see a doctor first. Do NOT diagnose and treat yourself. In addition to any herbal remedies for depression, you need to get a lot of exercise – even regular walks. Do your best to stop smoking, drinking and consuming addictive substances. Seek counselling and ask for help if you think you’ll need it.