Herbal Remedies Cold Sores

By | July 16, 2014

Cold sores are infectious and you should try not to pass the infection on to other people. Taking the following precautions may help to reduce the risk of passing on the infection: including herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Zinc lozenges as cure for the common cold – A review and hypothesis George A. Eby III* Director of Research, George Eby Research Institute, 14909-C Fitzhugh Road, Austin, TX 78736, USA

Cold Sores: 1. If you have ever previously experienced a cold sore or a Herpes Infection in the area of your Avoid consuming any medications, herbal remedies or supplements that are known to thin the blood for 10 days prior to your treatment.

Yes No Do you have history of cold sore, Have you taken any medications today (please list, including herbal remedies) ___ Low BP ___ Keloid Scars ___ Fever Blisters ___ Cold Sores ___ Bleeding prob. ___ HIV

SIMPLE HOME HERBAL REMEDIES Fast for about 10 hours, then drink minor Cold running water or ice pack Cool with cold running water or Cold Sores Tea tree oil Use as antiseptic and anti-fungal remedy . Colds Garlic Use plenty in cooking as it has anti-viral properties. Colds Elderflower

Cold Sores (Spanish) Author: The Patient Education Institute Subject: Este programa de educación al paciente le enseña sobre el herpes labial y el virus simple del herpes tipo 1.

Herbal Remedies reduce the physical and emotional pain that cold sores cause. Remedies exist to treat every facet of the like, and how they are spread. You will also find a comprehensive list of the medical, alternative, herbal and home remedies that are used to treat fever blisters.

Herbal Remedies/ Vitamin Supplements Food as Medicine Tonic Soup Recipe Prevention Is the Best Treatment With many over-the-counter cold remedies pulled from the shelves, concerned parents are asking, “What can we do now?”

A more natural alternative to treating cold sores is the use of herbal and homeopathic remedies. respected traditional herbal remedies for supporting and soothing the Distance Learning Home Study Courses for Aromatherapy,