Herbal Remedies Autism

By | March 6, 2014

On One Hand: Recognized Benefits

Tribulus increases testosterone levels. Higher testosterone levels increase muscle growth and strength, as well as encouraging the body to lose fat stores. Since tribulus increases testosterone levels, it is commonly used to enhance sexual function in cases of erectile dysfunction. It also has diuretic properties.

On the Other: Experts Disagree

Studies have produced contradictory information about the benefits of tribulus. One study, performed at the National University of Singapore, observed significant weight gain and improvement in sexual function in rats. Another study, conducted at Australia’s Southern Cross University, found no significant muscle or strength gains in rugby players who took tribulus.

Bottom Line

For strength gains, the recommended dose of tribulus is 250 to 750 mg twice a day. One dose should be with breakfast, and the other dose should be 60 minutes before a workout. It isn’t recommended for use on rest days. There is no standard recommended dose for erectile dysfunction.


National University of Singapore Study on Tribulus

Southern Cross University Tribulus Study

Recommended Dosage for Muscle Gains

First get those heavy metals out of your system with Bentonite Clay! I gave my daughter home made capsules stuffed with Bentonite Clay and Milk Thistle. Prior to this, she was Aspergers with no empathy for others and severe tactile issues. I could not even caress her hand without her wanting to crawl out of her skin – and the bad sensation would last for hours after an “offending” sensation. Now I can caress her hand, she gets back massages now, participates in Krav Maga ( a hard core mixed martial art class that requires a lot of up close and personal contact).

Bentonite Clay is the best for cleansing yourself of the heavy metals because heavy metals have positively charged ions whereas Bentonite Clay is negatively charged. It will drawl them to your digestive system like a magnet, then you will eliminate them with your waste. After just one month, I saw dramatic changes in my daughters tactile issues. She has been on it for 2 months now and it is getting better all the time!

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