Herbal Medicine Aquaculture

By | March 6, 2014

W ith the contin-ued expansion of cultured fish and shellfish species, aquaculture has become a key com-ponent of the animal health industry.

Importance of phytotherapeutics in aquaculture Herbal drugs act as growth promoter Herbal products, stressol-I- and stressol-II-enriched Artemia nauplii fed with Penaeus

Herbal Medicine Kit Detailed discussions will be done with interested parties / investors. The detailed product specifications and the lab reports are available and the kit is ready for technology transfer.

2 Another fundamental book of herbal medicine and disease treatments, Huang Di Nei Jing – The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, was written at

The New Foundations in Herbal Medicine is a distance-learning program for herbal and natural medicine founded and taught by Tieraona Low Dog, MD.

Herbal Medicine: Pandan (Pandanus tectorius) Fragrant Screw Pine The pandan tree grows as tall as 5 meters, with erect, small branches. Pandan is

Herbal Medicine Phytochemists, pharmacists and pharma-cologists are trained to consider the properties and actions of isolated medicinal principles

182 International Journal of Research in Fisheries and Aquaculture 2013; 3(4): 182-188 ISSN 2277-7729 Original Article population needs herbal medicine for primary health care (WHO, 2002). These medicines are cheaper, non toxic,

AQUACULTURE DRUG RESEARCH RELATED LITERATURE Antibiotics and Bacteria Alves, E, Screening compounds of Chinese herbal medicine and antimicrobial agents for controlling bacterial diseases of eels. Journal of Fishery Sciences of China 18(1):230-236. Immanuel, G, et al. 2011.

Have been used in traditional medicine for the treatment and control Herbal medicines includes herbs, herbal material, In aquaculture one of the most promising methods of strengthening the defense mechanism and disease

Knowledge about usage of commercial herbal medicine in aquaculture is very limited. Thus, research on the effects of these compounds before administration is necessary. Watercress (Nasturtium nasturtium, Cruciferae family) is a perennial plant which growths in

SOAP Update on Aquaculture and Aquaponics at CTAHR! " Bradley “Kai” Fox, Clyde S. Tamaru, Harry Ako, Theodore Hawaiian Herbal Medicine Cabinet Through Aquaponics. 23rd Annual College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources & College of