Herbal Juice

By | May 15, 2014

It is not difficult to understand that an herbal juice offers healthier benefits than drinking fruit juices that come in boxes and other convenient containers. But since the latter is readily available and sold in many flavors at the grocery store, children tend to want more of these.

Icky Tricky Juice

Juices that are artificially manufactured, as well as aggressively marketed so that parents buy these for their kids, are not always made of 100% real fruit juice. Stripped off its basic nutrients in the manufacturing process, these contain preservatives, artificial color and flavoring. Worse they usually contain high fructose corn syrup which some believe is the main cause of obesity in children.

Juice Box Junkies

While some juices may contain actual fruit juice that can benefit children’s growth and development, itsmanufacturers may have used chemicals and pesticides to grow the fruits, thus making it unhealthy. Early studies indicate that the habit of drinking artificial juice can lead to an alarminglifestyle.

Artifical Juices and Health Problems

Children who are so used to drinking juices in boxes, more often than not, fail to drink water in the right amounts. This can lead to tooth decay, obesity, allergies and ADHD, and since artificial juices also do not have any fiber, constipation.

Get Herbal

With this in mind, it’s essential for parents to change their child’s preference for juices. You may not see results overnight, but starting the right habits early will benefit your children as they grow older.

  • Refrain from buying artificial juice at the grocery and start weaning the children off this. In its place, you should prepare herb fruit and vegetable juice instead.
  • Invest in a good juicer for this and buy fresh fruits regularly.
  • It is best to prepare the fresh fruit and vegetable juice in the morning, then strain it from its infusion and store it in the fridge. Making a full batch at one time is convenient so that your child can have a glass of juice to drink at other times in the day.
  • The vegetable or fruit juice may be diluted in the water, if the juice extracted is too pure. If it’s harder to wean the child off their artificial juice, this may also be added to it, provided that the artificial juice is gradually decreased each time they drink.

An herbal juice helps stabilize the body’s sugar levels better and the child can take in all its nutritional benefits. Once used to drinking homemade herbal juice, your child will experience less constipation, have a healthier set of teeth, stronger bones and immune system.