Herbal Cough Syrup

By | May 11, 2014

Herbal Cough Syrup

Herbal Cough SyrupBuying medications, even over-the-counter ones, can be quite expensive but often necessary. How would you like to save a little bit of money bymaking your own herbal medications, such as cough syrup? It is actually quite easy to make an herbal cough syrup, and it only takes a few ingredients. Just remember, these syrups do not have the medicinal strength of something you would find in a drug store, or a prescription from your doctor, but they do provide relief in a natural way, and they don’t taste nearly as terrible as some of the cough syrups you can buy.

Herbs that Help Treat the Common Cold

Many herbs have a number of medicinal properties, and there are a number of herbs that you can use to make your cough syrup, depending on the symptoms. We’ve all heard about the benefits of echinacea, and how taking it can help to prevent colds. Well, echinacea can also help to treat certain symptoms of the common cold, so you will start feeling better faster. Other herbs that you can use to make your cough syrup include:

  • Peppermint – This acts as a decongestant. It will help to clear out your lungs and your sinuses and is excellent for sore throats.
  • Ginger – Ginger has a number of medicinal properties and is excellent for treating a sore throat. Also, ginger tastes great and will provide a good flavor to cough syrups.
  • Eucalyptus – This isn’t just for koalas. It makes a terrific inhaler and will help to clear out your sinuses so you can breathe easily.
  • Yarrow – This herb is not only useful in the treatment of the common cold, it is also good for people who have the flu. Yarrow is often used to reduce fevers, as it promotes perspiration and helps to detoxify the system.
  • Elderflower – Excellent for respiratory problems, elderflower also helps to build the immune system, and like echinacea, should also be taken to help prevent you from getting a cold in the first place.

There are many other herbs that can be used in the treatment of the common cold, and these are just a few of the most popular. These herbs may be used alone, or combine them to treat a number of symptoms.

Making Your Own Herbal Cough Syrup

You can easily make your own cough syrup, with all-natural ingredients that are easy to get and inexpensive. You should keep a number of herbs on hand, fresh if possible. You can dry your own herbs, so you can be sure of just how fresh they are, unlike the bottles of herbs you buy in supermarkets. Once the herbs are dry, grind them into a powder. For a quick cough syrup, mix a teaspoon of herb powder with a tablespoon of honey. Or, you can make a larger amount by doing the following:

  • Fill a mason jar with fresh herbs.
  • Cover herbs completely with honey.
  • Store for a few days without opening to infuse the herbs with the honey.
  • Strain herbs from honey, return liquid to jar, and your cough syrup is ready to go.