Herbal Bath: Bathing Beauty Meets Green Goddess

By | April 8, 2014
Herbal Bath

Herbs grow in the garden and in the wild for a reason. There are herbs we eat and herbs that we use for medicine. There are even herbs that we can use for beauty and for our relaxation. There are a number of herbs that we can use to relax in our bathtubs to make our bath times more effective, not only does a herbal bath get our bodies clean, it also rejuvenates our spirits and lets our sensual selves free once again.

The easiest way to use herbs in the bathtub is to tie stalks of dried herb bundles to the faucet and let the warm water run over them. You can also tie your choice of herbs into a cheesecloth pouch and toss them into the water to seep like an herbal tea on a really large scale. You can also create your own herbal oils with your favorite herbs and a good oil as a base, but those should be used with great care.

The kind of herbs that you use for your soak will depend on what you would like to get from them: relaxation, exhilaration, sensual energy, spirituality. You can also create your ownherbal bath combinations as well. There are only a few rules when mixing herbs and using them in your bathwater this way.

First, make sure that you are aware of any allergies that you have or that you potentially have. If you know that you have ragweed or other types of plant-based allergies, you may be allergic to many herbs including chamomile and others. Second, only use the parts of the herbs that you are safe handling or eating. Some plants have particular parts that have the potential to be dangerous. If you cannot eat it safely, do not soak your body in it.

Before mixing any herbs in large amounts to use in the bathtub, make sure that they are going to go together without a bad reaction. Some herbs that smell wonderful on their own can take on a bad smell when combined.

You also need to make sure that you understand how an herb reacts when it is in certain forms. A dried herb will be a more concentrated version of itself and its essential oil is the most concentrated. While you can dilute an essential oil with other materials such as neutral oils, you should know that they can still be too strong in the bath water to be used safely. Some herbal oils should never come in direct contact with your skin or you will be burned and miserable.

Instead of adding the herbs to your bathwater, you can also create an herbal infused sea salt scrub that will give you the scent and benefits of the herbs as well as the rough, exfoliation of the sea salt in a beauty treatment that is natural nirvana. Again, you can combine herbs as you choose, but do so in small batches so that you know which ones work best with one another.