Herbal and Home Remedies for Scorpion Stings

By | February 20, 2014

Scorpion (Uroplectes formosus formosus)

Scorpion (Uroplectes formosus formosus) (Photo credit: Arno Meintjes Wildlife)

During the summer and spring, scorpions come out from hibernation, and the time to wear shoes outdoors is necessary. If you live in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, or California, scorpions, more specifically the bark scorpion, could be lurking outside your screen door.

They say a scorpion can fit through a hole as thin as a credit card. This means it is very likely a scorpion will enter your home during spring and summer. Being prepared for a sting or bite could save your life or a family member’s. Knowing some herbal remedies that can assuage the pain can prevent further suffering and, hopefully, eliminate the need for extra care.

Herbal remedies for scorpion stings and bites are important to know in case you or a loved one is unfortunately attacked. Many scorpion stings can be treated within the comfort of your own home without the need to make an expensive emergency room, hospital, doctor, or Urgent Care visit.

There are a variety of ways to treat scorpion stings and bites; many are extremely simple.

1) Ice: Icing the site of the scorpion sting will decrease pain and inflammation. Taking an anti-histamine will also help with decrease the swelling if you happen to have some at your home.

2) Soap and Water: Washing the site of the sting or bite with soap and water will help to prevent bacteria growth and cleanse the wound.

3) Cold Compress: Applying a cold compress will slow the spread of the venom, like the ice, and will decrease pain. This is the best method to use during the first two hours of the sting.

4) Remaining Calm: Although this may not seem like an herbal remedy, it will help to ease the tension of the situation and decrease anxiety.

5) Ammonia: There have been some reports of people, who were stung on their hand, immersing it in ammonia, and that helps with the pain and swelling.
Many people have ammonia around the house for cleaning, but it can also help in the event of a scorpion attack.

6) Baking Soda: Mix baking soda and water until you have made a paste. Take the paste and apply it to the site of the scorpion sting. This will help to reduce pain.

7) Mango Leaf: If you’re lucky enough to live where mangos grow, grab a few leaves, and use the juice from the leaves to treat your sting. Some people have found that drinking mango juice also helped reduce the pain.

8) Meat Tenderizer: Poison Control has been known to recommend using a meat tenderizer (the type with papaya extract as an ingredient) to ease the pain of a scorpion sting. Take a small amount of water and some of the meat tenderizer, and create a paste like you would have with the baking soda. Immediately apply the paste to the sting. Papaya extract has been known to break down the scorpion venom’s proteins. Just for note, this also works for bee and wasp stings.

9) Cortisone Cream: The cortisone cream helps to reduce the swelling by application directly on the scorpion sting.

10) Avoiding Eating or Drinking: Because scorpion stings cause swelling in other parts of your body like your throat, it’s best not to eat or drink until the swelling has decreased a fair amount. The swelling will make swallowing difficult and there’s no reason to have to worry about choking after being stung or bitten by a scorpion.

If your symptoms are very serious, it is important to realize herbal and home remedies may not be able to replace medical attention. Swelling can become serious, and some people are allergic to scorpion venom. If you have tried some of these remedies and the pain or swelling is increasing, make sure to go immediately to a doctor.

Knowledge of herbal remedies is an important skill as well. Since holistic medicine is gaining a stronger foothold in the medical community, many blogs have been set-up to spread herbal remedy information. If you’re planning on starting a blog, confirm the accuracy of your remedies as well as your text.

Using a proofreading tool like Grammarly can help to fix grammar, spelling, synonym, and usage mistakes while helping you improve your writing with tutor-like resources. Remedies can help in a non-serious situation to reduce pain and inflammation quickly while also saving you time and money.

By Nikolas Baron


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