Herb Formulas

By | April 14, 2014

Learning about herb formulas is a must if you are interested in herbs and how to treat medical conditions and relieve pain naturally. Although you will learn as you get to know herbs and about which ones work the best for particular ailments, there is also levelof education required in order to start making your own formulas.

You will begin to understand that you need to know the person for whom the formula is being created and all the details of what is ailing them. This involves understanding not only herbs but also illness and pain – understanding what exactly it is that is causing the pain or discomfort that they are feeling.

Anyone who has been using herbs to treat simple ailments and mild pain will have a very basic knowledge of what herbs do. However, even if you have done some research of your own, you will not yet know all there is to know about herbs. Making herbal formulas is a process that takes time and patience while testing different quantities and combinations of herbs. There are certain things to bear in mind when you make them:

  • Less is More – there is no reason to add all the herbs you can find in your house just because you are unsure about when you should stop. Certain herbs do certain things and not all of them will be required in a particular formula – pay attention to what you are trying to aid before you mix too much.
  • Certain Parts Don’t Mix – Although you can permit it in certain circumstances, it is not a good idea to mix leaves and roots together. The reason for this is the fact that there are different ways of preparing the two.
  • Formulas for Different Stages – Herb formulas for a particular ailment change according to different stages of the illness or affliction.
  • Effectiveness Increased – The reason for blending herbs together is so that a higher level of effectiveness is achieved by combining them, than could be achieved by using each herb separately.

Very important facts to remember in the creation of herb formulas are:

  • In the creation of a formula, you must focus on the most threatening symptom of the condition or affliction
  • In the same way that a formula is built up, the body needs to be prepared to receive it and the treatment it offers

The Chinese have used herbal formulas for thousands of years to strengthen and build their immune systems. With the advent of synthetic drugs, they did not choose to go that route but rather to continue their study of roots and herbs in order to relieve, aid and assist people with ailments the natural way.

A very popular herb in Chinese medicine is the ginger root as it has properties that allow it to assist in a variety of treatments – either as the primary reliever or in a secondary relief provider. It promotes good digestion, a healthy heart, reductions in pain and much more. This is the reason that it is so effective in formulas. Ginger is only one example of many herbs and roots available that also assist with more than one ailment.