Health Benefits of Seaweed

By | April 17, 2014

Many people are surprised when they learn the range of health benefits of seaweed. A great source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, seaweed can prevent and treat diseases affecting the heart, immune system and endocrine glands like the Thyroid.

A Global Food

The sea provides many delicious meal alternatives and even some seafood aficionado are unaware seaweed is a major component in many seafood dishes. For example, seaweed is an essential ingredient in Sushi, a staple of Japanese cuisine that continues to grow in popularity around the world.

Used for its great taste and nutritional value, seaweed is also plays a significant role in dishes from Denmark, Wales, Iceland, Japan and Hawaii as well as regions in South Pacific.

Heart Health

Heart health associated with a diet rich in seaweed include:

  • Improved circulation
  • Regulating blood pressure, whether high or low
  • Controlling cholesterol
  • Making blood healthier
  • Strengthening the veins by building contractile force

Cardiovascular health allows for a fuller and longer life.

Additional Seaweed Benefits

General benefits of seaweed include:

  • Healthy, strong hair from seaweed’s amino acids and biotin
  • Brain and immune system performance increased due to protein, minerals and vitamins
  • Increased level of mental clarity from Boron, which improves arterial health
  • Anti-aging, such as reduced wrinkles and softened skin, attributed to beta-carotene and amino acids
  • Improved eyesight related to Vitamin A or beta-carotene
  • Decreased swelling in and around the eyes from bioflavonoid, which also combats dry eyes
  • Calcium, combined with vitamin C, promote healthy gums, teeth and bones
  • Thyroid health attributed to Iodine
  • Anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents prevent and fight colds and flu

In addition, a diet that consistently incorporates seaweed has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

Seaweed is an affordable, freely available food that tastes great and is good for you too. The numerous health benefits of seaweed expand across the immune, circulatory and endocrine systems, promoting good health and longevity.

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