Health and Wellness Articles

By | August 1, 2014

Avoiding illness is one reason to explore these health and wellness articles as there are many helpful hints and herbal options to avoid catching a cold, lessening the severity of the flu and choosing new ways to improve overall health and well being.

Herb Mortar

To be healthy the body requires adequate rest, nutrition and exercise and learning how to craft personal hygiene products including soaps and toothpaste using natural ingredients is an excellent way to lessen the amounts of chemicals that your body is exposed to. Baby wash, face masks and shampoos crafted from items most consider food is a wonderful way to nourish the largest organ your body has, your skin.

Organic foods may be costly when purchased at a grocery but many vegetables can be easily grown organically in containers even in a large city. Learning how to provide better foods that are free from chemical fertilizers and insecticides helps to improve overall health. There are plants that insects avoid allowing Mother Nature to control the insect pests that might infest a vegetable plant and many plants contain properties that allow them to be used to keep bugs from biting you.

These health and wellness articles provide information about how to start organic gardening, how to harvest and prepare delicious beverages and food dishes as well as how to improve healthy by simple dietary changes. Herbal and homeopathic remedies have been used by people for centuries and many of the same plants that were used to relieve indigestion and nausea are still used today. People undergoing chemotherapy for cancers often choose to drink Ginger tea instead of taking a prescription medication and pregnant women who experience morning sickness can feel confident that Ginger tea is safe to drink without any side effects that might affect their child.

The Power of Essential Oils
Essential Oils are highly concentrated distilled plant essences. They are very aromatic, and have a wide variety of applications.

Strengthen the Immune System
A healthy, properly functioning immune system is absolutely vital to good health. It is the key to the healing process from the tiniest scratch – to the most complex virus.

Herbal Bath
The easiest way to use herbs in the bathtub is to tie stalks of dried herb bundles to the faucet and let the warm water run over them. You can also tie your choice of herbs into a cheesecloth pouch and toss them into the water to seep like an herbal tea on a really large scale.

Herbal Juice
It is not difficult to understand that an herbal juice offers healthier benefits than drinking fruit juices that come in boxes and other convenient containers.

Health Benefits of Green Tea
The health benefits of green tea can be attributed to its high levels of antioxidants.

Benefits of Essiac
The benefits of Essiac herbal tea are varied and lauded by many. It can be used to by those suffering from different forms of cancer to provide for comfort and has multiple ways to relieve suffering involved with this and other ailments along with providing positive restorative effects.

Herbal Soap
It is really easy to make your own herbal soap, and you can use fresh herbs in your soaps. These herbs will not only help to add a wonderful, light scent to your home made herbal soaps, but there are many herbs that are great for your skin that are ideal soap additives.

Herbal Face Masks
Ladies, we all want to look great, and one thing we need to do in order to look great is to make sure that we have healthy skin that is glowing, and free of blemishes.

Green Tea for Weight Loss
Green tea is a beverage made from the unfermented, lightly steamed leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. Green tea’s ability to eliminate fat was first noted by Wang Ang, a Chinese pharmacist born in 1615.

Natural Bug Repellents
Poisons aren’t the only answer when it comes to making your skin unappetizing to bugs.

Health Benefits of Oil of Oregano
This essential oil has many unique properties and compounds that make it an excellent choice when it comes to maintaining and optimizing the overall health of the body.

This improved understanding about the many alternative treatments, regiments and options available, and health and wellness articles we provide are an easy way to learn and make informed choices in the future.