Ginger Oil

By | February 23, 2014

Of all the infused oils, ginger oil is the most difficult to successfully distill. The plant is found in India and southern Asia and has been used for centuries as a curative for a menagerie of physical ailments, and has been used in Chinese, Indian, Arabic, and Western medicine to soothe body and spirit.

Acquiring the Oil of Ginger

By using the crock pot in your kitchen you can extract this robust oil in a couple of days. Word to the wise: be patient and leave the top on the crock pot ajar or remove it completely so the moisture can escape.


Cut two cups of fresh ginger root into chunks and measure out 3 1/2 cups of a carrying oil such as jojoba or XV olive oil in the crock pot.

  • Place the ginger chunks in the crock pot dialed to the lowest heat setting
  • Cover with the carrying oil
  • Leave the mixture in the crock pot on this setting for two days, but do not let it boil or burn the oil. Remember to allow the moisture to escape
  • After two days strain the oil into a clear mason jar for 24 hours to allow any remaining water to separate from the oil
  • Carefully siphon out any additional water with a turkey baster or pour off the oil

This resulting Ginger herbal oil is now ready to be used. It can be rubbed onto your feet to promote circulation and help keep your toes warm. The oil is a balm to arthritic joints and sore muscles. You can add it to your bath or use it to add zest to a salad. Mixed with eucalyptus it makes an excellent chest rub.