Comfreys Burning Secret

By | March 5, 2014

Cell regeneration and the healing of wounds – even some of the deeper ones – are comfreys burning secret. Cell regeneration? That’s a new concept to a lot of us but yet, this herb has been around for hundreds of thousands of years with the ability to do something that scientists have been trying to perfect for years and years. Proper use of the herb will allow your body to fix surface damage that caused to the point that it any previous wound is unrecognisable to the human eye. The entire plant has medicinal purposes but the expansive root system provides the most relief and solves the most problems.

Comfrey Herb Image

The mineral rich root system provides nourishment to a plant that resembles the aloe and occasionally blooms flowers. If it is possible, try to harvest the parts that you need from the plant for yourself. You will need to be careful in how you do this – the roots break easily and you will find that they cannot all be collected at once. It is better to take storks of it one piece at a time. (You can also grow a completely new plant from one small piece of the root if you so choose – another of Comfreys burning secrets!)

ComfreySymphytum officinale, is an amazing aid to burns and to any surface of the body needing cooling. Although you can heal burns by using this root, it is still good to read up onfirst aid and burn treatment before you do anything. The plants have the healing properties, but YOU need the knowledge to apply what they offer. It can help to heal external burns far more quickly than what modern medicine would have you believe. Soaking strips of the root in water and then freezing the strips is all the preparation that you need to do. When needed, simply take them from the freezer, and apply them to the affected area and repeat as necessary each time the root defrosts until Comfrey’s burning secret heal the painful sensation!

Comfreys burning secret means more abilities: creams made from the root and the leaf of the plant to treat many kinds of skin problems – from something as simple as dryness to ailments as complex as ulcers. The comfrey leaf contains something called allantonin. This brings down the red blood cell count in a person as due to this it has the properties necessary to assist in healing bruises and discolorations of the skin.

There is something to remember when using the root of the comfrey plant: extensive testing done on the plant resulted in (arguable) findings. Pyrrolizidine alkaloids are part of the make-up of the comfrey plant – and they are related to liver cancer. For this reason, it is not recommended that you ingest Comfrey internally, even though many herbalists will tell you that there is absolutely no truth in the matter.

The final decision to use Comfrey’s burning secret internally does rest with you, but please ensure that you have been properly educated in the uses of herbs and plants before you use them – especially if they are to be consumed via the mouth.