Chaparral Benefits

By | May 23, 2014

The benefits of chapparal are primarily attributed to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Herbal remedies are made from the creosote bush native to the southwest American desert and were used extensively by Native Americans to treat snakebites.


Historically used to treat a range of diseases, including arthritis, the common cold and digestive ailments, the most intriguing benefits to using chaparral relate to the treatment of cancer.

Chaparral Larrea divaricata (Guaiac Family) possesses antioxidants that keep cells healthy and prevent mutation indicative of cancer cells. Its antioxidant properties are so strong that it has been used as an oil preservative.

An important chemical component in it has been shown in medical studies to attack cancerous cells without the side effects of conventional cancer drugs. In one study lab, mice were treated with a chemical know to cause cancer and the active anti-cancer compound in chaparral prevented tumor formation.


Potential side-effects are outweighed by its cancer-fighting benefits.

Patients suffering kidney disease or liver or lymphatic problems should not use this herb. Chaparral should only be used externally.


Anti-cancer properties are the most significant of all its medical benefits. The major component and antioxidants contained in the herb hold much promise as a cancer fighting agent.