Borage For Kids

By | March 24, 2014

Kids love this herb for it’s bright blue flowers which attract bees and butterflies. The entire plant is edible and quite nutritious. The leaves, which are high in minerals and taste like cucumber, are tasty in salads or on sandwiches. Kids like to eat the flowers also. Candied flowers make a beautiful decoration for cakes. This herb has been used traditionally to relieve anxiety and tone the adrenals. For a relaxing bedtime bath try adding an infusion of borage, lavender and lemon balm to your child’s bathwater.

Try freezing the flowers in ice cubes for fancy iced beverages!

Borage is easy to grow from seed. It prefers to have full sun for at least part of the day. The richer the soil, the fuller the plant will get. Once established it re-seeds itself and makes a wonderful companion plant for tomatoes and basil.Here’s a good source for Organic & Wildcrafted Medicinal Herb Seeds.