Benefits of Shepherds Purse

By | March 19, 2014

The benefits of Shepherds Purse are many, making it a valuable herb to have in your knowledge of nature’s pharmacopeia. Also known as Rattle Weed, Lady’s Purse, and Chinese Cress, Shepherds Purse grows all year long and has been utilized since ancient times. The plant blooms small white flowers will appear alongside seedpods.


Shepherd's Purse Image

All parts of Shepherds Purse are used for medicinal purposes. In addition, the leaves and seeds can be used to enhance the flavors of a variety of meals.

One of the benefits of the herb Shepherds Purse is its ability to stop many types of bleeding, including internal bleeding. This herb can be used in women to slow down heavy menstrual bleeding and prevent blood loss during childbirth. It reduces inflammation, contributing to its ability to lower blood pressure.

During the birthing process, midwives will place drops under a mothers tongue to control bleeding. Sherherd’s herb contains the protein oxytocin, which tightens the muscles that surround blood vessels in the uterus.

Many women lose a danerous amount of blood while giving birth and the coagulation ability of this herb allows for effective blood clotting. By providing potassium, it also allows the body to restore to normal levels.

Sheperd’s can be taken in sublingul, or placed under the tongue, or tea form. To make a cup of tea pour rapidly boiling water over 2 teaspoons of the substance. Drink between meals, two to four times a day. Externally, the infusion can be applied to the affected, after dissolving in 150ml – 200ml of water.


Despite the benefits of Shepherds Purse, pregnant women should only use it at full term. If you use it at any point earilier in the pregnancy, you run the risk of starting contractions and inducing a premature birth or miscarriage; it can prove disasterous for both mother and child. In addition, it is not suitable for persons with a damaged or sensitive liver or kidney.